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Whats the best thing to use to clean oily fingerprints off darkslides. Soap and water; Alcohol?

-- Wayne Crider (, July 31, 2000



Try a product called Brilliantize. Light Impressions and other market it to clean plexiglass and glass. It cleans holders well, and reduces static electricity. John Sexton recommended it at a Canyon de Chelly workshop. It works well. bob

-- Bob Moulton (, July 31, 2000.

Soap and water or Fantastic also work.

-- John Lehman (, July 31, 2000.

You mean my bad breath and the sleeve of my cotton shirts weren't what I'm supposed to use?


-- Dean Lastoria (, August 01, 2000.

Dean: Unless you wanted your photos to stink... Sorry, couldn't resist.

-- VNC (, August 01, 2000.

Every now & then I run them and the holders through a dishwasher. So far no light leaks and it keeps the dust down as well as helping to keep the holders working smoothly.

-- Dan Smith (, August 01, 2000.

A product sold at grocery stores called "Dust Off" will clean them and also, in theory at least, help prevent dust from staying on them. Just make sure you wipe them completely dry before loading the holder with film.

-- Brian Ellis (, August 02, 2000.

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