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I am looking for a source(s) for new and/or used 8x10 Nagaoka(or similarly priced camera of same weight)field camera in the US. Any suggestions?

-- Jim Friedman (, July 31, 2000


The F Stop in Santa Barbara, Midwest Photo, Lens and Reprographics, pick up a Shutterbug magazine or get a View Camera Magazine. Nags and Tachi's are around at very reasonable prices and are quite functional cameras. james

-- james (, July 31, 2000.

Tachihara, Nagaoka and Wista 8 x 10 are the same cameras (Bromwell as well). Have a look around the net and buy the double rather than the triple extention. Good luck1

-- andrea milano (, August 02, 2000.

For the record, just in case anyone comes browsing through these old messages -

The Wista and double-extension Tachihara appear to be the same camera. However, the triple-extension Tachihara is different, and the Nagaoka 8x10 cameras are also different. I'm aware of at least two versions of the Nagaoka, an older one (which I have) which is a larger version of the familiar old Ikeda/Nagaoka 4x5 design, and a newer one which looks different. Both of these Nagaoka 8x10's are quite a bit lighter than the Wista/Tachihara (around 8 lb. vs. around 10) and the ranges of adjustment on the available movements are different as well.

-- Oren Grad (, January 21, 2001.

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