old Arca Swiss cameras: AS-A and AS-AB

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1] Do these all have base tilts?

2] Do these have revolving backs?

3] Is it desireable to have standard Graphloc backs? If you don't (as I think these don't) what are your limitations?

-- Jeff Green (jewgreen@indiana.edu), July 31, 2000



I think the models you're talking about are the Basic A (axis tilts), and the Basic Double Pivot (axis & base tilts). I have the Basic B, which is base tilts only. Axis tilts are easier to use in that they tilt about the lens' nodal point, or close to it, minimizing the need to refocus as you tilt. As a longtime user of the basic B, I have learned to focus & tilt at the same time, making the base tilt drawback almost non-existant to me. Axis tilts will give you a "yawing" distortion under certain combinations of tilts & swings. the base tilt and double pivot models will provide yaw-free motion if the entire camera is tilted on its side. I don't know if the axis tilt model does this too.

None of the Arca Swiss Basic series of cameras have revolving backs or Graphloc backs. I think there was an international back available as an option, but I don't really remember. Graphloc backs will allow you to use a compatible roll film holder that's too thick to fit behind a standard spring back. Graphloc and Graflex backs are not interchangeable.

Hope this helps clarify things a bit.


-- Ted Brownlee (omfbh@aol.com), July 31, 2000.

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