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I just recently bought a few VCDs which I use the comp. for and some of them work fine with the .dat extensions with them. The other VCD's i try to play have 2 to 4 tracks on it and it has a .cda extension to which i can't play them. Can somebody tell my what is wrong?

-- JPL (, July 31, 2000


You should get a software VCD Player, and not just open the .dat files. A .cda file, is a Compact Disc Audio Track, the same one used on Audio CDs. A VCD Player should be able to handle this, but it would probably not work in a Audio CD player due to the fact it is a Video CD. You can searh this fourm for info on free software VCD Players. Good Luck

-- Jay (, July 31, 2000.

Check the question: Where do I find a vcd player of 31 july.

-- Anolom (, July 31, 2000.

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