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Sydney trains off the rails again

Source: AAP|Published: Monday July 31, 6:43 AM

Sydney rail chiefs have been called out to investigate yet another train derailment overnight.

The latest incident took place at Flemington, in Sydney's inner west, when a Tangara train jumped the tracks at 1am (AEST) near a maintenance centre at the Flemington Markets.

Work crews from CityRail had rerailed the train by 6am but the derailment was having a flow-on effect to some peak-hours trains.

Currently passengers on East Hills, Campbelltown and Bankstown trains are running 10 minutes behind, a CityRail spokesman said.

"There were no passengers on board the train when its front wheel became dislodged at a set of points during a shunting movement," the spokesman said.

-- (, July 30, 2000


It seems to me that Sydney is pretty messed up. With all the train crashes, derailments, going the wrong way, etc., combined with the air traffic problems they've been having, what are they going to do to the world's olymypics athletes who will be congregating there in September

-- Uncle Fred (, July 30, 2000.

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