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-- Anonymous, July 30, 2000


I will probably be having a letter read to the Board that does not mention either my name or Lucia's ("name on file with Dr. Rowe"), regarding the damage to our tires that we do not think is coincidental. It will discuss how we think this is not coincidence, not a childish prank, but a deliberate act of vandalism that is meant to intimidate and endanger us because we spoke out on the issue of the mascot. It will say that our children play with the children of parents who support the Indian mascot, and that those kids are just as likely to be hurt if there is an accident because of deliberate vandalism, and that this madness has to stop.

If possible I'd like to include these statements from the two groups:

"We have statements from the groups COLOR and STAND that they strongly condemn any acts of harassment, violence or destruction in this issue or any other. It will not be tolerated.

If it is OK with COLOR and STAND, I'd like to see STAND rubber stamp this, if you feel the wording is OK.

What do you all say?

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2000

The langauge is OK for me... On the issue of compromise, we all seem to agree...

The compromise stinks. The issues are the name and depictions, they are offering nothing. Official removal of depictions, nothing would prohibit the unofficial use of depictions by either school supporters or opponents and with the name "Indian" it is highly likely the name would provoke reoccurring difficulties.

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2000

Heres' ehat i got back about the nails in tire event...Let's be careful out there.

To: Please contact the local police. Please explain the following to COLOR and STAND supporters.

In the even of vandalism do not touch anything, call the proper local law enforcement authorities, take photographs and make specific notes regarding everything concerning the event, including everything that happened before and after the event, listing specifically the names of law enforcement and any other officer or public official.

Can you ask the person with the nails in the tires if they have the nails?

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2000

Turns out it was a couple of screws (don't know if wood or metal), two different tires. Both about 3/4 inch in from the rim, so the matching placement is interesting. And if one were to have something sharp in a pocket, it would be more likely to be screws than nails, since they'd be less likely to rip your pockets. I'll document it tomorrow. Screws undoubtedly not retrievable at this point, I never was able to follow up with the mechanic, despite saying I needed the information for a possible police report. Official invoice from Johnson Ford does mention them, at least.

I'll talk to the State police tomorrow about making sure they keep an eye on my house in their patrols. If the Board decides that Yow is too serious to challenge, there may be some angry and retaliatory CARE members.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2000

On phone bugs: I'm not so concerned about what is being said, as uncovering whether or not there is illegal taping/monitoring going on...so please record (in a journal???) any funny phone incidents and share them, so each of us doesn't think we are crazy. Tobe

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2000

Try this for one of the links, the main story. Dennis, I wasn't able to tell from your description what the other story was, and cutting and pasting didn't work on either for me.

What good local references are available on the history of Native Americans in the Catskills? Any specialist works available? I was looking at Alf Evers' big book, but his coverage of Native Americans is a bit spotty and jumps all over the place.

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2000

Here are some webpages re: local history

http://www.hopefarm.com/greeneny.htm http://www.adk-nyc.org/Catskills/overlook/1.htm http://www.hopefarm.com/indians3.htm http://www.dickshovel.com/iro.html http://www.ulster.net/~kehsm/truthtime.htm http://www.dickshovel.com/Mahican.html http://www.hopefarm.com/shandake.htm#phoenicia http://www.prattmuseum.com/

Let me know if anyone comes up with any more.


-- Anonymous, August 03, 2000

Whee-HAH! Take a look at this week's Bruce Ackerman cartoon in the Woodstock Times... Looks like I'm in the running for the Anti-Christ of the Week award? (Though if there's a women's division for Anti-Christesses I can never compete with Hillary). I've picked up a copy for Charles Yow.

Since I filed a report with the Olive Police about suspicious screws in two tires in the same position simultaneously, some of us have talked about tires. Next time you have a service done on your car/s, you may want to specifically ask them to meticulously check the tires for vandalism. Have that written on the receipt, and results signed. If you should find a suspicious foreign object embedded, SAVE it, and have it described accurately on the invoice. Maybe your tires are fine -- you'll then have this as a baseline if anything DOES happen. If an incident happens, you must file a complaint in the town where that incident occured, not in the town where you live.

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2000

Hi all,

Here's a link to local history regarding Native Americans from Marist College. http://www.ulster.net/~hrmm/halfmoon/lenape/len-preh.htm

Just a note to say Hi and tell you all how nice it was too see you on Tuesday. In response to the idea of inviting more Native American groups, I feel the more support from concerned people outside the community, the better. From all accounts we are, at best, itinerant outsiders anyway so what difference could it possibly make at this point. In fact, it now almost seems as if the credibility of outsiders is actually starting to get more attention and recognition.

We must get as many people to show up at these BOE meetings as possible. Tell them it's entertaining. The BOE shoots themselves in the foot all the time and it is very obvious to even casual observers. Fred Perry wanting to cut more than the required budget cuts raised many eyebrows. We had a good turnpout this week so let's keep it together for the next meeting. Tell everyone.

I contend that the long-term agenda of Mr. Doan is to eventually privitize the entire Onteora school system. If you follow the current logic, the school buses will be the first phased out. They bid out 16 routes, get bids on 9, and award 8 of them. Don't you think there is a reason that the 7 other routes weren't bid on? They obviously aren't cost effective and that is why no one wants them. Maybe they are out of the way areas, steep hills, or back roads. In a year or two, they will look at the last Onteora-run routes and declare them too expensive for the district to maintain. They will look at cost per mile and decide that the private routes are being done so much cheaper without regard to the roads and conditions. Scratch their heads and think privatization is a miracle. Then comes the manitainance department, and so on. It is a crystal clear, right-wing privitization agenda.

Let's keep people informed and write those newspaper letters on ALL the issues before the board. CARE has been diligent in this regard even if their writing makes no sense. I have been responding to the letters to the editor at the Freeman online where I see letters from the opposition especially from B. Clare, Rose O. and William Warnecke.

Can someone please fill us in on the Onaje trial. Thanks.

Take care all and have a nice summer.

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2000

Email from one of my friends today, I don't know the show and don't get HBO. Can someone who has it or who knows someone who has it get it taped? Might be useful.

"If you can catch the current Arliss on HBO do so it is all about your campaign. I never watch this show because my wife doesn't like it at all, but Wed. night we were channel surfing and the choices were so bad and something grabbed us on the screen so we watched.... first time ever and it was all about the indian symbols used in sports.

A black man works for Arliss (the guy from spin city) and he was ignoring the plea of some local indians to get involved in their protest of the symbol for a local team. He said it's only a symbol and doesn't mean anything (you know the excuses)... a few minutes later we see the black man at his computer receiving a video clip from the indian and it is a montage of all the hated black symbols that have been put aside in our society. Needless to say after watching his own struggle displayed so prominently he threw his support to the Indians."

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2000

Thanks for those useful links, Dennis. I've printed a number of the pages out to have on file.

A little off-topic (hey, it's future history?), but I wondered if any of you were aware of the 1974 futuristic novel by Mack Reynolds, _Commune 2000 A.D._? I just picked up the paperback as a Y2k novel, but on thumbing through it was astonished to see that it takes place in our area, with the protagonist living in West Hurley, and visiting various communes in the area (Lake Hill, Bearsville, Phoenicia, etc) as an ethnologist, but mostly it is about him getting laid, and preachy exposition. Quite a dreadful little book, but delightful to read the local details. Things like making the choice to take the surface roads or the underground expressways show so much how the future never hit here in the way we thought.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2000

To all STAND supporters:

This is an *** ALERT *** regarding intentionally vandalized tires.

Carol Maltby and Curry Rinzler have both filed police reports indicating that their tires were flattened by screws. It can sometimes appear as a slow leak because the screw can seal the hole for a little while.

If you have any incidents regarding vandalism that you even suspect in the least may have something to do with the mascot issue please:

Call the State Police at 338-1702. Do not call the local police or the Sheriff's Department.

Tell them that you do not believe this to be an isolated incident and that you know of other similar cases surrounding the Indian mascot issue.

Please call me and I will get a police report and submit it to the Attorney General's office.



-- Anonymous, August 05, 2000

This morning, my truck seemed to pull right on my way to Willow.Sure enough my front right tire was real low, so I turned around and drove to the Mobil station in Woodstock. Dennis & Beth pulled in a moment after me, being towed with a broken timing belt, and Beth looked at my right rear tire, which was a little low, and found a galvavized sheetrock screw in it. The front tire had a sidewall puncture, with no object in it. I called the state police, and Trooper Alnwick responded.Turned out to be the same guy who Dennis dealt with over the stolen signs. He knew the background and asked me to call him to let him know about the next meeting. The report of my tires will be entered on today's blotter, but I have to go to the barracks to pick up a copy (I certainly will). Mike, at Mobil, says my front tire is ruined from driving on it, so needs to be replace, the back tire can be fixed. What an enormous drag! I'd really like to catch the person responsible, not just prevent it from happpening again.... Curry ps thanks to Dennis & Beth for hanging with me: solidarity!!!

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2000

I too had a screw in my tire, it turns out. Have had a slow leak lately, which was 3/4 flat last week, but I hadn't had it check out to find the cause of it. Went to Mobil station today also, asked him to check for the cause of leak, and he immediately said "You have a screw in it!" So...called the State police, a woman trooper responded, who didn't know any of the history, unfortunately, and said "something as minor as this" will just get mention in the blotter, no report. But I told her I don't believe it's an isolated incident, blah blah, so she agreed to check with Trooper A(I forget his name, who took Curry's report) and "do whatever he does" with it. Meanwhile, I got the screw from the mechanic and will keep it for any future investigations... This really infuriates me now, because on the rainy roads last week I was less than safe driving around with my kids with a half-flat tire. To think someone may have actually done it on purpose is just SO creepy.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2000

OK, I'll keep quiet locally (glad you said that, because I'm not inclined to be quiet, I'm inclined to want to inform the public of what's going on, but you are right--better to catch them).

Everyone: I am having some unprecedented phone stuff going on. Maybe it's truly just my phone, so I don't want to be paranoid (though I already am, at this point)... But if anyone knows whether the cause of this can be tapping or whatever, please let me know:

In the middle of conversations, my phone suddenly just goes to dialtone, as if someone just hung it up. Neither party talking has accidently pulled the cord out, or accidently touched the keypad or anything. Just "hangs up within." It happens talking to all kinds of people, not any one person. And when I call the person back, everything is fine.

This is a new phone (bought 6 weeks ago), but this just started happening this week. I'm going to return the phone, just in case it's the hardware. But if anyone knows whether tapping in or out on a line can cause the line to disrupt, let me know...

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2000

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