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Mmmm....what kind of bass does Mike play.....and.....what kind of guitar does Peter play..????

-- Susa (, July 30, 2000


Dont know about Mike, but Peter plays a Rickenbacker 330.

-- ronan hunt (, July 30, 2000.

what it looks like to me is that mike is playing a fender jazz bass, i think so anyone i'm sure someone can correct that....

-- Amit (, July 30, 2000.

Fender.....there u go!

-- ms.Stipe (, August 17, 2000.

Mike usually plays a Fender P-bass Hot Rod American, but sometimes you'll see him with that old Standard American Fender P-Bass of his. He use t have a VERY NICE Rickenbacher bass, but he said in a recent interview that the pickups are broken on it.Oh, and Peter plays a Rickenbacker 360,usually- I did see him w/a 330 once. Oh and sometimes he'll pull out that BEAUTIFUL GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD WITH THE CHERRYBURST FINISH!!! (Drooling over all previously mentioned guitars)Oh and Stipe has a Gibson Les Paul Honeyburst Standard and a goldtop Gibson '57 re-issue Les Paul!(god i want that guitar!)

-- Stippleganger (, August 30, 2000.

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