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I' am not thrilled about the light exposure of the EOS 50 E and the sharpness, colour balance of the 28-105 USM, so I'am thinking of trading in my "point and shoot" combo for a T90 and 50 1.4, 135 2.0, 300 TL. Better light metering, non-AF, cheaper (better?) prime lenses, learning (thinking)how to fotograph again. Does these "old" lenses stand up against the modern ones? Wise decision??

-- Peterjan Ris (, July 30, 2000


Most of the primes in the EOS line are the same optically as the FD lenses. Just new mounts and electronic controls. And the 50 1.4 and 135 f2.0 are VERY good lenses.

-- Terry Carraway (, August 01, 2000.

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