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All is well! I am the shepherd at St. James A.M.E. Church, located in Lake Providence, Louisiana. East Carroll Parish is the poorest parish in the nation. We recently built and dedicated an Enrichment Center. Now, I am interested in writing a grant geared toward feeding the elderly during the evening hours. If you have formats or any advice please forward it to me. We will need transportation and staff. Thank you and God bless you! James C. Coleman

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2000


Rev. Coleman,

I suggest you contact Rev. Dr. Fred A. Lucas' team at the Faith Center For Community Development. Dr. Lucas was formely the Pastor of Bridgstreet AWME in Brooklyn, NY as well as a former candidate for Bishop. He started his Faith Based program a few years back and is helping with grants and development projects all across the country. His number is 212 785-2782 & 212 825-2326.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2000

Hello. As the newly assigned pastor of Heard Chapel AME Church in Baton ROuge, LA., I find myself seeking ways to bring some stability to the church from a financial standpoint. I pastor a small congregation of very loyal and caring members who have done to date everything asked to better the church. Due to limited resources of the congregation and the impovershed community, we are currently lookining to access funding (preferably grants)to be able to meet the needs of of those in the community as well as take of the church, such as repair the existing structure and aquire abandoned property adjacent to and across from for expansion. I have done some grant writing research, but do not fully understand the process better yet with the number of grants out there am not sure which are available to the church and for what purposes. If you would please provide me with mailing or e-mail addresses, in addition to the phone number from the previous answer, it would be greatly appreciated.

GOD Bless

REv. Victor McGhee

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2001

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