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Greetings, Does there exist a daylight (tank) processing system for the 5X7 format? I have been able to find several for 4X5, but none that will accomidate 5X7. Thanx, DAB.

-- Douglas A. Benson (dab@evcom.net), July 29, 2000



The Jobo system has Expert Drums. that will handle 5x7. The Jobo is a semi-automatic daylight development system that works extremely well for negative sizes up to 8x10, but the price of entry is steep.---Carl

-- Carl Weese (cweese@earthlink.net), July 29, 2000.

The poor man's JOBO is the old Beseler and Unicolor print drums with a motor base or the Doran processor sold by Adorama

-- Sean yates (yatescats@yahoo.com), July 29, 2000.

As far as I can tel the paterson orbital shouldbe suitable for your needs - if you're patient - it takes 4x 5x4, 2x 5x7, and one 10x8, although I think there are larger models.

-- David Kirk (David_J_Kirk@hotmail.com), July 29, 2000.

Although I use a Jobo, I do have an old Morse system which I have had for many years. It consists of a film "magazine" which is sort of a tank like affair. You load the film onto hangers, hang them in the magazine, and then pop on the light tight cover. The bottom of the magazine has light tight louvers for the solutions to go in and out. There are also four 2 gallon hard rubber tanks which hold the solutions. You insert the magazine into the tanks aand then agitate much like you would do with hangers and a hard rubber tank setup. That is, up and down in the solution and with side tilts, etc. Only because the magazine is light tight, you do the actual processing in the light. The system can handle either 4X5 or 5X7 films and will take up to 12 hangers a load. I doubt it is available now except possibly used from shops that have a lot of old and strange lab equipment available. It's not really a substitute for a Jobo but it did work and was interesting.

-- Bruce McLaughlin (bmclaugh@primenet.com), August 15, 2000.

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