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Does anyone know if I can get an inexpensive video converter that will let me watch PAL VCDs on my NTSC television? (I found one at Radio Shack for $200, but at that price it would make more sense to buy a DVD player that will convert the signal internally.) Thanks for any help!

-- spencer carney (, July 28, 2000


hmmm what kind of machine are you using to watch the vcd to begin with? Dvd player? Most, actually, practically all dvd players that play vcds will play a PAl and ntsc with no problem and no differecne in PIC , in fact you wouldnt know unless you stuck it in a PC and checked the specs. But for the record, if you want a dvd player that does convert the PAl to ntsc (for dvd and video cd0 i dont know if they still sell them, but the APEX ad600a (which i only recomend as a backup player only)dvd player does have its own built in converter for this thing, It easy, just push the botton on the remote and it changes the signal to ntsc from PAL.

-- Doug (, July 29, 2000.

I've heard a Pioneer DV-C503 will display PAL/NTSC format VCDs correctly on an NTSC Television, somehow it does all the coverting automatically.

I actually sold my old DVD Player because it would not display PAL VCDs (from Hong Kong) correctly on my television. It would stretch the image out and cut off the subtitles! (an old Philips Magnavox Player)

-- Travis Dockweiler (, December 27, 2000.

Get a Sampo DVD player! I use it to watch HK VCDs all the time. It has a built-in PAL to NTSC converter. The best thing of their DVD players is the price. They are usually 100 US dollars. Good Luck.

-- S S P (, December 21, 2003.

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