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I made a test vcd from a 4 minute clip cpatured from my G400-TV in hi-qual MJPEG format and converted to MPEG using the panasonic encoder. I burnt the disc using the latest update to EZCD 4.

I also added a few sample VCD clips that I downloaded just so that I could compare the quality of various samples... I put the G400 clip at the end of the playlist.

The first few clips will play fine n my DVD player but when I get to the G400 clip, the movie stops and the audio gets stuck in a repeated loop. I tried using CD-RW and CD-R media and get the same results (however, CD-RW media doesn't play the other clips well either. I can't play any of the .DAT files on my computer via Win Media Player 6.4.

When I used the EZCD creator wizard to walk me through the process, once I got the actually bruning stage, I saw thatthe contents burned where all the folders but only 1/2 of the files.

Any ideas as to what is going on here? Why some clips play fine and others don't?

Thanks- Paul B

-- Paul Baker (, July 28, 2000


hmmm...from your description of the burn process, i gather there is a problem with some of your mpeg clips, which may not be 100% VCD compliant. Test out the G400tv clip only and see if that is your problem. Usually, panasonic encoder produces 100% VCD compliant mpeg clip if you are using it's internal VCD template. EZ CD is very picky about VCD compliant! That's why you are having problem the way you do.

-- lnguyen (, July 29, 2000.

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