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I'm interested in doing more macro photography (nature macros) with my Horseman 6 x 9 camera. Because I do a lot of hiking, I don't want to get another lens specially for this purpose. I have a 240 mm APO Ronar, but I won't have enough extension to get to 1x magnification or beyond with it. I also have a 135 mm APO Symmar, which fully extended should get me to about 1x magnificaiton. But then, thinking about it, I realized that 1x magnification on my camera will still mean that the area photographed has to be at least 6cm x 9 cm. So I'm thinking of using a closeup filter. Has anyone used 2 element closeup filters on normal large format lenses? Any ideas? How do I calculate how the different diopters will affect the amount of extension needed to focus closely? I thought I recalled an older thread touching on this subject, but after poking around the site for about 10 minutes couldn't find it. Thanks for your help.

-- Howard Slavitt (, July 28, 2000


I posted on the same subject just recently, I found that Pentax and Zeiss also make make close up lens but went with a Nikon 3T mostly due to cost and availabilty. I've just used it with a 300mm Fuji C on a Graphic with just about 300mm of bellows. The results are mixed, not a suprise as it is a compromise. It works well and gets me as close as I need but I can see a little softness in the corners of my negs, for what I'm shooting its not objectionable. I can now actually use this lens for something other than infinity focus but adding the lens does degrade the image, its up to you if this is acceptable for what your doing. One thing I did note is that the Nikon information is sketchy on if the lens is reccomeneded for a particular focal length. The Canon close ups state clearly that it can be used on lens up to 300mm. Now if this makes a difference or not, Im not sure. Nor if the Pentax or Zeiss would be that much better. Fof the realtive cost of the Nikon it was worth trying.YMMV.

-- bill zelinski (, July 28, 2000.

On my Graflex Century 6x9, I use a 60mm Componon enlarging lens reverse mounted on an old Century shutter. At full extension, about 240mm., I get about 3x magnification. It is very sharp.

-- Julian Bell (, July 30, 2000.

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