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RADIO PORN; Islanders Hear Sex Noises on Sabbath

Source: Scottish Daily Record

Publication date: 2000-07-27

GOD-FEARING Western Isles radio listeners heard couples groaning in sexual pleasure after an embarrassing glitch.

The un-Sabbath-like noises were broadcast in the early hours of Sunday morning when a satellite problem caused community radio station Isles FM to jump channels to a TV porn show.

Stunned listeners phoned the station to complain and threatened to report Isles FM to the Radio Authority.

Radio station volunteers dashed around the building throwing switches and pulling out cable leads in a frantic bid to stop the porn.

Eventually, they managed to turn off the erotic noises and slam in their stand- by music tape - but the damage had already been done.

Yesterday, embarrassed directors at the Stornoway-based station ruled out sabotage and put it down to an "accident". However, its not the first time the little station has been embroiled in controversy.

Earlier this year, managing director the Reverend Stanley Bennie was removed from his post after the station played the song Bad Touch, a hit by the Bloodhound Gang.

It includes the line: "You an' me baby, we ain't nothing but mammals, let's do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel."

The latest episode is even more humiliating. Rev Bennie, a director of the station, said: "This is all very embarrassing. It is even worse this filthy smut was broadcast on a Sunday."

New managing director Ann Moqbel added: "It was a very unfortunate incident.'

-- (, July 28, 2000

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