What's the Greatest Bad Movie of All Time?

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What's your favorite bad movie and why?

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000


first post !!!!!!!!!!! haha

hmm fav bad movie : The Last Don its an insult to the godfather trilogy

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

I think it would be Who Slew Auntie Roo. It's a black and white film based on the Hansel and Gretl theme. Shelly Winters stars as Auntie Roo, a bitter old woman who lives in a mansion and has no kids of her own. She hosts the annual orpanage christmas party at her house every year and gets to play charitable samaritan. This year though, one of the little girls looks just like her dead daughter who we find later is a drid up carcass upstairs in her untouched bedroom. So of course she kidnaps her. But little does she know that the girls brother stays behind as well. That's ok, she gets him hauling firewood and doing chores while she be's crazy mommy upstairs with the doppleganger. It's just all very weird.

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

AAbsolute *worst* film? Easy-- "Exorcist II: The Heretic" with Richard Burton. One of the very few films I ever just walked out on.

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

Lohr, it's supposed to be the Greatest Bad Movie of All Time, so you have to like it in order for it to qualify.

I think my vote would be for "The Perfect Storm," which I found highly enjoyable despite (and at times because of) its utter stupidity.

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

You know, I was thinking about having a bad movie theme marathon the other day. You know, all those bad "competition" movies that were so rampant in the mid-eighties. I would start if off with "The Karate Kid" and move onto something like "Vision Quest" and then get to the really bad ones like "Rad" and "Thrashin". These are movies with the bad guys big line was something along the lines of "I'm gonna get you and you'll be sorry." I think that "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" belongs in here too, even though it could also go in a Bad Dancing Movies marathon too. I just love those old campy eighties movies. Erika

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

Cannonball Run II- argh, it was horrible!!!!!!! But it had an amazing cast of hollywood heavyweights ( burt reynolds, shurley maclaine, dom delouise, and many more)

If the criteria for being a "great" bad movie is that it excels in being just plain (bad as in horrible,) this movie takes the cake.

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

Greatest bad movie? Hard to say as most of the entertainingly bad movies I've seen have gone through the MST3K treatment. In which case I'd have to nominate Angels' Brigade (aka Angels' Revenge) or Eegah!, the first of which I've watched more often than any good movie.

Hammer produced some awful but immensely watchable horror movies at the end of their existence, especially when they tried to add sex and swinging London into the mix of Dracula and Frankenstein and things got weird. Dracula AD 1972 is a particular favourite.

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That was a great bad movie. I can't resist watching it every time I happen to notice it's on. VH-1 has been doing a good job of rerunning some pretty bad movies lately -- Valley Girl, for instance, and Grease 2, which is abysmally awful but compelling, if only to see Michelle Pfeiffer doing something so obviously bad for her career.

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

Jean claude van damme in Lionheart; absolutely abysmal. Keanu Reaves and Patrick Swayze in Point Break -- "all my life my parents told me *exactly* what to do, but now, I'm doing something for myself!" My perennial favorites from the 80's: Crowe's Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Valley Girl with a very young (and fucked-up looking) Nick Cage.

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2000

I don't know about all time, but Deuce Bigolow: Male Gigolo was so disgustingly stupid that I was ashamed to find myself laughing hard and loving it.

And if I may mention a TV show...
I currently have a love/hate relationship with Star Trek: Voyager. The science on that show is so absolutely stupid it just makes me want to rip out my hair. Yet I keep watching. Why? After almost every episode I swear I'll never watch it again, yet I always do. (I guess it has to be because every now and again there's a good enough episode that it makes up for the bad ones?)

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2000

Oy, there are so many. The Long Kiss Goodnight is one of my favorites. Geena Davis licking a butcher knife? Come on! It's so bad it's good. And then, of course, there's Weird Al's 1989 (circa) opus UHF. Those were the times... Oh, ditto on a perfect storm. All those hollywood types attempting (and failing miserably) a New-England accent. Hooha. That's comedy.

Ah, MST3K, bless its deranged little soul...

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2000

If we choose to judge a movie on the quality of acting, depth of plot, and realism of special effects, Hollywood churned out terrible science fiction movies by the hundreds during the 1950s. The story of the golden era of low budget science fiction films is best retold in _Ed_Wood_ starring Johnny Depp (which incidentally is a very GOOD film by Tim Burton).
Inevitably, I tend watch a lot of bad movies on late night cable TV. While I still mourn the loss of USA "Up All Night", TBS's "Monstervision" is a reasonable alternative when seeking the cheesiest in motion pictures.
It's also worth mentioning that I have only walked out of one movie in my life. _Young_Einstein_ starring Yahoo Serious. I guess my sense of humor is not compatible with the comedic sensibilities of Australians. (Did you ever see that Simpsons' episode?)

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2000

I actually liked a movie from mst3k. I don't remember the title, but it seemed Russian or something and it was about Jack Frost..

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2000

My Favorite bad movie has to be "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai; Across the Fifth Dimension". It looks like it cost about $500 to make, but who can't find something to like about a Rock and Rolling, crime fighting, cowboy, Zen, neurosurgeon. I even know the secret about the watermelon.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2000

Ahhh... my *favorite* bad movie of all time!! Okay-- I may be the only human who not only liked "Thirteenth Warrior" but bought a copy...

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2000

"Nice Girls Don't Explode" - it's a touching love story and funny as all git-out. 'Nuff said.

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2000

Rocky Horror Picture Show. A favorite bad movie that was meant to be shared.

-- Anonymous, August 17, 2000

"American Beauty" surely deserves a place in the pantheon, once the hype has worn off.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2000

Surely you MISTIES out there remember the BEST bad movie of all time - "Manos, the Hands of Fate" - Bad acting, bad screenplay, bad script, bad editing, bad sound, bad scenery, bad lighting, bad special effects, bad casting, BAD MOVIE! It's a hoot! It's only redeeming quality is that it was excellent material for Joel and the Bots to shred for our entertainment pleasure.

Makes some of the other ones listed here look like Oscar contenders!

Happy Cinema to all! Kathy

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2001

The movie is called,"I spit on your grave". This is my fav BAD movie because, one, I don't recognize any of the cast :) This low budget chick gets raped repeatedly by these rednecks and she gets her revenge by luring them, one by one, into her world. Good movie for a late night...tanx...E

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2001

Can we ever forget such blockbusters as "Clan of the Cave Bear" Ms Hanna at her worst...but strange..I can't ever stop myself from watching when it is on TV, and...The Perils of Gyndolyn in the Land of Yic Yak, but my all time favorite...Breakin 2 - electric boogoloo...The break dancing is sadly outdated..but somehow hypnotic...

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2001

the worst film of all time is the karate kid 3, to expect us to belive ralf machio is still a kid when in real life he is older than mr miagi. Also he,s as bad at karate in the thid film as he is in the first, I don,t even think that daniel laruso would have the skill to beat up mr miagi in karate kid 100

-- Anonymous, August 15, 2001

You guys want the greatest bad movie of all time? One word: "AFTERMATH" - where the only survivors on post armageddon earth are big breasted porn stars (and their children!) and homicidal drugged out hippie mexicans. I couldn't possibly stress how entertaining this film is.

Eric Romero (three up) also picked a good one. "I Spit On Your Grave"'s pretty funny.

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2001

The Invincible Super Chan. That movie kicked ass.

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2001

OK. My greatest bad movie is ... BAD TASTE directed by Peter Jackson. That's really something,isn't it?Of course,he is now one of the most wanted Hollywood directors,but this one will always be his landmark.

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2001

I've got two words for ya: Battlefield Earth. Why is it my favorite bad movie? because I had such fun trying to find out how this was ever allowed to be released. And its quite amusing to see that just when you think the movie cant get any worse, it does.

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2001

I once picked up a B-movie in a video store called "God Told Me To." I din't know what the heck was about, and I just popped it into the VCR. Becuase of the fact that I surprised myself, it turned out to be an interesting movie. I never would have guessed what was going to happen in all it's detail. I think there's an alternate title now (probably because someone got offended). I doubt anyone could ever find it at a video store nowadays...

-- Anonymous, March 07, 2002

All I want to say, is that guy who said LionHeart and PointBreak sucked is a mother fucking loser! He only likes to watch crap! what a geek! get a life mother fucker! A real bad movie... Psycho... hehehe

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2002

no doubt best bad movie airplane you can watch this film 100 times and still think it's funny

"roger roger" "charlie charlie"

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

Anaconda is on the top of my list......

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2002

Mission Impossible 2

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2002

THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT! IT has so much action and its just an awesome movie!

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2002

"Truth Or Dare?" - not the Madonna movie. It's the cheesiest movie: aweful background music, bad special effects and props, really bad acting. The movie's about a crazy guy that likes to play truth or dare and kill his wife. Its kind of a hack-in-chop movie. Really entertaining.

-- Anonymous, June 28, 2002

i think the most bad but coolest film of all time is THE MUMMY 1 AND 2 THEIR PERFETIC. KYLE SOMPSON LOVES GIRLZ EMAIL ME SEE YA

-- Anonymous, August 27, 2002

"The Savage is Loose" George C Scott directed and starred. So bad, I bought it so I could share with those dear to me.

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2002

all i have to say is Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2002

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