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Upon reading a new book by Douglas A. Martin, Outline of My Lover, I began to question whether Michael Stipe was "rockstar lover" described as having a relationship with the "fictious" main character. The character portrayed, is subtly likened to Michael in many ways such as birthplace, band travels, impactful deaths of friends (ie. River Phoenix & Kurt Cobain, although names not listed), even the main character's grandmother refers to him as "Mike". If the author is refering to Michael, I curious if the novel is rather a memoir and not in fact, fictious. If you haven't read the book, I encourage you take a second, for it's a quick read, yet the author's style is fantastic and interestingly similar to a memoir. If confirmed as an actual realtionship between the two, (which isn't necessarily dubious: both Michael and Douglas put together a book of poetry-Haiku Poetry) the book offers an wonderful point of view from one of Michael's lover's. Anyhow check it out and get back to me if you know anything...Leo

-- Leo Paul (, July 27, 2000


mmm......i woudnt rule it out.very observent...well done,man!

-- ms.Stipe (, August 17, 2000.

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