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For all of you out there following the SVCD format here is a bit of exciting news. The latest TMPEG encoder ( b12 ) outputs proper SVCD compliant files that can be inserted directly into nero for burning. I have had excellent success with at least one disk. Encoding time is much better than with bbMPEG and quality is noticibly better than lsx at the same bitrate. It even includes a MPEG demultiples/multiplex/split/join/optimize features for mpeg1 and mpeg2 formats.

TMPEG is also a superior VCD encoder. Really gives the panasonic encoder a run for it's money.

Some other points of intrest...

TMPEG works as a VirtualDub frameclient. TMPEG works as a avisynth client. TMPEG has two-pass VBR mode for best encoding on a bit budget. TMPEG is freeware. TMPEG is still in development ( may be faster in the future ) TMPEG supports true field encoding, no need to fumble around with deinterlacing your source.

SVCD I would say is now a format worth watching out for. I use VirtualDub with TMPEG and it works like a charm.

Happy encoding.

TMPEG info VirtualDub avisynth

-- Eric (, July 27, 2000


Spot on with your comments, Panasonic has lost top spot with build 12 in the standard VCD quality stakes!

RIP VCD but there are some problems yet!

I author in NTSC and in PAL and I am experiencing that on-the-fly DVD player conversions from one TV system to the other, played on a non system TV, are not as good as that achieved with the Mpeg-1 based VCD. Unfortunately I do not have a NTSC tape player to check field order settings so I have to do full testing to resolve it.

Most living in their little worlds will think so what! But a DVD player has the ability to convert from one system to the other and if that becomes a limitation of SVCD then for those that swap VCD's in other countries the standard VCD maybe the better option.

On a multi system TV the problems are not noticable.

-- Ross McL (, July 27, 2000.

I share the same view of Eric.

I am currently converting my VCD by TMPEG b12 via the 'avisynth' output of Premiere which is my favour video editor. I am waiting the output.

-- Heater (, July 27, 2000.

I am very HAPPY!! Not only does the new version 0-12b fix all of the above posted items, many other items have been fixed or changed as well. Yahooooo! Here is a few other fixed items:

1: Using VCD templates or specs makes true whitebook compliant VCD mpegs. No more EZVCD Creator errors!! System reference clock, Audio repack size, etc..... all fixed.

2: Latest English translation (7-25-00) fixed or updated many text strings that were unavailable or incorrect in V0-11f. Many more new strings will be added soon when I email my list of strings to Dave.

3: Bitrate is now correct, ie: 1150 = 1150 (not 1123 = 1150)!

4: Several unknown filter functions have been identified.

This is THE BEST encoder out there. Many thanks to Mr. Hori for creating such an outstanding program, and to think it's freeware!

Btw, I can't resist a small friendly jab at you, Ross. Many of the default encoding parameters you said you were accepting as the designers recommendations have all been changed to the TRUE VCD correct values. What I mean is, you said you were accepting the defaults of 1176 video and 192 audio as if they were being implied by the author to be the recommend settings. I tried to tell you this was a mistake. As you can see, all those default settings have been modified in the latest release to give TRUE WHITEBOOK specs. Hehe. Also, just as a clarification, the SVCD PAL/NTSC conversions you talked about are not in any way connected to Tmpgenc. They are the fault of the standalone DVD player.

I hope this latest release causes a major shake-up in the Commercial encoder world. This ought to make Panasonic and a few others realize that they better make some major changes to their products and add much more functionality if they expect to stay in business.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! EG Marshall

-- EG Marshall (, July 28, 2000.

Can you export your work from Premiere to TMPEG. The reason I ask, is I have a large avi project. I can't export it to AVI, because it would be over 3 gig. I would like to export it right to TMPEG and make a MPEG1 or MPEG2 file right away. Also, how good is the MPEG2 setting for this program. What setting are you using for this, and do you like how it looks and sounds.

I am taking DV avi footage and making MPEG1 files straight from TMPEG, and the mpeg's look great. I use the de-interlace settings to, to take out the annoying lines. later, James

-- James (, July 28, 2000.


There is not a plug in available for Premiere (yet!). You could try exporting the project from Premiere in smaller avi files, then encode with tmpgenc and then use the join tool in the mpeg tools menu to join you mpg clips together. It will work.

-- EG Marshall (, July 28, 2000.

Exporting from premiere should be as easy as getting the avisynth export tool. It will make a file that can be read by tmpeg as a psuedo avi. it's just a place holder for a dll that connects the two programs. Just be warned, I got some unusual quantization errors ( looked like it was showing ~150 colors ) when using tmpeg with avs ( avisynth ) files. You could also usr it to export to virtualdub. It's smart de-interlace and bicubic resize filters are excellent. From there you could export it to tmpeg. Read up on the tools the possibilitys are endless.

Happy encoding

-- Eric (, July 28, 2000.

why always when i am pressing "start" to start encode,it writes "error was accured when audio was decoded"

-- dor levin (, January 05, 2002.

I've found I can input raw VOB in to Tmpeg V2.0 and the results are impressive.

-- SVCD LOVER (, February 28, 2002.

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