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My mother is getting married in less than three weeks. My sister and I have talked about trying to come up with a wedding present for them. She has everything she "needs" and she is almost impossible to buy for. So, what do you suggest as a gift for someone who has it all?

-- Lee M (, July 27, 2000


Angela and Lynn-Ann,

I truly appreciate your suggestions. I love the scrapbook idea and the honeymoon idea. The honeymoon is out of the question, though, because they have already paid for and planned their trip to Florida the day following the wedding. I don't have much time left so I think I will attempt the scrapbook idea. Wish me luck. :)

-- Lee M (, July 29, 2000.

How about a memory book (scrapbook possibly) where you put pictures of her at different times in her life. Also you could get special family and friends to write her letters about the influnce she's had in their lives or just some great memories or well wishes for her new life and put them in the book

-- Lynn-Ann (, July 27, 2000.

Is it possible for you and your sister to send them on a honeymoon? Nothing fancy, maybe, but find a nearby bed and breakfast, whatever. There must be someplace that your mother would enjoy spending a few days with her new husband.

-- Angela (, July 28, 2000.

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