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I live in the US and have a new (series-9001) Playstation. I bought a Video CD card from a Hong Kong shop.

When I installed it (it required a few wires and a chip soldered inside the PSX, plus attaching a component to the Multi-AV out that then connects to the TV) and tried to play VCDs, the picture I got on my TV was terrible. The picture flips very fast, it has lots of static, and it is not in color. (Although the sound is fine.) I do not have the problem when I play Playstation games through the component when the VCD switch on it is set to "GAME". I tried playing different VCDs and tried connecting the Playstation to two different televisions but it does not fix the problem. I don't think the problem is with the VCDs themselves, because there is a product logo ("Fun Zone") that comes up before the VCD starts playing, and that logo is as messed up (screen flips, static, b&w) as the actual video on the VCDs.

What will fix my problem?

-- Spencer Carney (, July 27, 2000


Looks like your VCD is in PAL format and the adapter does not convert to NTSC. I get the same result here in Australia with NTSC files played on a PAL setup.

-- Garth (, July 27, 2000.

Hey spencer they do make a chip that will also let you play PAL psx games on your ntsc playstation, by that pricipal if you got the chip your station would probably play the PAL vcd just fine

-- Doug (, July 29, 2000.

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