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I just got my order of Rollo Pyro developer(Leban) delivered and I want to use it to process Bergger BPF 200 and HP5 film. Any suggestions for time/temprature for N- N and N+ for those films in Rollo Pyro? I need a starting point because I hate testing.

-- Gudmundur Ingolfsson (, July 27, 2000



for BPF200 expose at 100 and develop 8 min and for HP5 expose320 and develop 9 min

but do you want to use it in tube or in tray?

-- nze christian (, July 28, 2000.

hello again I use pmk for platinum print (zia printing)

here are an old mail from leban about rollo pyro:

Hello alt4s

When I look for the latest correspondences about the pyro-developing it seems to me if most of you have equal problems with PMK like myself.

The uneven staining and high base-fog problems in tray and also in rotation-developing let me think about the reason-why. I think the main problem is the air-oxydation combined with the relatively long developing time. To eliminate these facts should clean my problems and negatives.

I made two modifikations on Hutching4s PMK:

The first, to slow down the air-oxidation of the working solution, I added ascorbic acid as antioxidant to solution A.

The second, to cut the developing times, I concentrated the working solution (added more pyro and metol but also a small amount Potassiumbromid against fogging to Part A).

Since I used this modifications I never had problems with the results on HP5+, FP4+, T-Max 100.

For mid- and large-format this corrections have no bad effects on negatives (grain, sharpness etc..)

So try it - and you have some problems less.

When you work with ready to use packs from photographers formulary or others you should use only 75% quantity water to make Part A and add the ascorbic acid and Potassiumbromid.

If you make it yourself try his:

Rezepture PMK mofdified by H.Leban


800 ml aqua dist. 20g Sodiumbisulfit, Sodiumhydrogensulfit 20g Metol 150g Pyrogallic acid 10g Ascorbic acid(Vit-C) 1,5g Potassiumbromid 2-5g EDTA-Na4

Part B 300g Kodalk, Sodiummetaborat 5g EDTA-Na4 in 1l aqua dist.

For normal and N+/N++/N+++ developing use: 1PartA + 2Parts B + 50 Parts water

Times for HP5+(at 400 ISO) 220C(720F) Rotation-Jobo

N/6,5min N+/8min N++/9,5min

For normal and N-/N- -/N- - -/N-3 developing use: 1Part A+2PartsB+ 100Parts water

Times for HP5+ (at 400 ISO) 220C (720F) Rotation-Jobo:

N/8min N-/6,5min N-2/5,5min

These are my processing dates to get 8x10" negatives for platinum/palladium - maybe you have correct it for your work.

I also process FP4+, T-Max100, Lotus View Classic100 and T-Max400 with best results.

If you need a detailed Rezepture sheet and times for other films please contact me directly.

Greetings from Austria

Harald Leban chemist and alt-photographer

Platinum prints at: http:\\ (the platinum room)

-- nze christian (, July 28, 2000.

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