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BT has denied it has cocked up the billing for
its Surftime product by overcharging its customers.

Ian Fenn, director of Chopstix Media Limited,
claims one of BT's customer service operators
admitted to him that the telco had incorrectly
charged punters.

"I signed up with BT Surftime when it launched
in the middle of June and have only just received
by first 'Surftimed' bill.

"The monthly bill came to #154.20 - #30 more than
my previous non-Suftime bill," he said.

"I'm told by a BT customer services advisor that
they have incorrectly charged Surftime customers
for Surftime, plus the cost of the Surftime calls.

"A credit is being applied to all affected accounts,
but this won't help those that have ended up in the
red due to this particular bill," he said.

Asked about the scale of the problem, a spokesman
for the telco said: "I'm not aware of any problems."

The Register

-- spider (, July 27, 2000


BT admits SurfTime billing fiasco

Posted: 02/08/2000 at 12:11 GMT

A week after BT denied it had cocked up
the bills for some of its SurfTime customers,
the telco has finally admitted that it made
a mistake.

The Register

-- spider (, August 02, 2000.

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