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I'm looking for a freeware VCD player for my PC. I checked the FAQ, and it doesn't contain any current freeware options.

I've a PIII 650, 128 MB RAM, TNT 16 MB video card - I'm assuming that will be enough horsepower to do it.

Appreciate any help.


-- Dana White (, July 27, 2000



-- brij kumar rathod (, July 27, 2000.

-- ndumu (, July 27, 2000.


To play VCD on computer is very easy to do. A computer does not have to have a lot of memory for both system or video. The most important variable is the CPU since it is the one that decodes your mpeg clips. As long as the CPU is above 200MHz then you are doing fine. As for memory, Window requires a minimum of 64Mb for it to function normally, the rest of the memory is pure sugar coating. Video wise, 4Mb is all you'll need since VCD don't care about video memory! The video memory is for color and quality only! 4Mb will give you plenty of colors and quality. Alot of peoples don't realized that they already have the mean to play VCD on the computer already! Window Media Player is it! Yes you have to either browse to the file with this software or simply drag the *.dat inside the MPEGAV folder of the disc and drop it on the WMP icon. So far WMP offers the best quality around. I-on-VCD player, which is one of the free VCD player, uses WMP's codecs to play your VCD without browsing or drag and drop.

-- lnguyen (, July 29, 2000.

I ran into this problem a while ago to and their is an easy way to solve it. If u have windows media player got file and then to open. When at open change file type to all files and then go to the folder ur mpeg or vcd file is in and click on it.

-- Dave (, January 28, 2001.

I tried Lalim VCD Player and it works great... Download it and try it ... it is small and requires MS Media Player.

-- Greg (, May 18, 2003.

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