Where is Junkyard Wars Tonight? (TLC ) July 26, 2000

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We saw this amazing show for the first time in mid July and told everyone we knew and even strangers on the street about it. We have all been cleaning our tools for Wednesday night (July 26th, 2000), even prepared a Junkyard Wars Party complete with Junk-food and now there is no listing for it. Is the show to be aired every Wednesday in July, except for tonight? Thanks for your help...

The Junkyard Dawgs

-- The Junkyard Dawgs (wwarren@perigeecomm.net), July 26, 2000


the championship episode was last week, so no more for now. we're bummed too.

-- The Fatboys (mark@venimex.com), July 26, 2000.

Well they've shown 1 of 6 from the first series and 5 of 7 from the second, so MAYBE they'll show the remaining 5 from the first series and 2 from the second series. I don't know, but I hope so. After all, they said this was a "summer time" show and by my watch it's only July 26th, we still have the whole month of August to go.

-- Anthony Bouvette (maulok@another.com), July 26, 2000.

Your best bet is to make noise directly to TLC. This forum belongs to the people that make the shows, TLC decides if/when to show them. I do urge people to give them a call, and ask that they show the rest of the british shows. (and feed my ego, make a point of asking when the NERDS show(s) will air)


-- Jeff (dp@the-nerds.org), July 27, 2000.

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