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Hi, I process my film in Jobo CPP2 with PMK. With rollfim it's ok, I get excellent results. But with sheet film (8x10) I have incredibly long times of processing to get good negs. HP5 rated at 200 takes 32 minutes ! With the Bergger, rated at 64 it takes the same and I could really go for longer times. I've never tried Rollo Pyro, it's maybe the solution. I need help, thanks Guillaume

-- guillaume zuili (, July 26, 2000


I have used Rollo Pyro in a rotary tube to process 8X10 Tri-X and FP4 negatives. The times vary between 6 and 8 minutes. The negatives look somewhat thin but print readily on VC papers. I recommend trying Rollo Pyro. It is very economical. I would use it for all processing if it were no so toxic.

-- Steve Barth (, July 26, 2000.

bonjour , hi guillaume

PMK is a little bit difficult to use in tube because it oxydize more and give more stain. I never go to so long dev with pyro in tube it was more about 9 or 12 min. to get a good beg. some divided the developer in two part, one for the first part of the development and then the second, so the film is in contact with not to oxydize solution.

surely roolo pyro can help you as it is made to give shorter time and a good stain in tube. nze christian

-- nze christian (, July 27, 2000.

I developed in a Jobo Drum with ABC Pyro (Leban formula) for the first time last week. Notwithstanding a dumb mistake or two, the negatives came out beautifully. They have the best tonal separation of any negatives I have ever developed. Development time was about 8 minutes with Tri-x rated at 160

-- mark lipton (, July 27, 2000.

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