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Anyone out there a memberof WFPA (Wood Field Photographers Association)? Anyone have any info on WFPA they would like to share?

To join, you apperently have to send in what you think is your best photograph. Why? What happens to it after you become a member?

It looks like a worthwhile organization, but I'd like to get some input from current members and people who have decided not to become members.

Thanks for your input.



-- Jason Kefover (, July 26, 2000


I joined. They seem like nice enough people and want involvement, but I am somewhat unsavvy with computers so I still cannot access all of their offerings, can't figure out how to get involved, and haven't been able to get help in figuring it out. I sent the photo, was accepted as a member, and that's about it. If you figure it out and can join effectively please let me know.

-- Rob Tucher (, July 28, 2000.

Dear Jason, Although I am not yet a full member of the WFPA (World Field Photographers Association) I soon will be. Just have to submit my prints. I believe most questions of the organization can be answered by browsing their web pages. The reason I most wish to join is for the opportunity to be more involved with the community of large format photographers and secondly I like the sound of their goals. example from the web page-  Promoting the use of Large format Cameras.  Preserving the art of photography.  Unveil the mystery of these cameras.  Making these cameras & technique available to starters without any experience..  Connecting Large format workers through the web..  Sharing ideas and experiences by electronic mail.  Gaining friendships with people, also mesmerized by this almost legendary format.  Organise international meeting points.  Organise seminars on these subjects.  Intermediate & advise on equipment.( Cameras, lenses, tripods, accessories)  Linking to other sites related to our interests.  Whatever need arises to reach our goal.

Again, you can find this on their web pages. I am also intersted because they seek lf photographers contributions, regardless of their level of experience. I am not a professional and have just begun working with an 8x10 and have been asked to contribute to their newsletter on the web. I hope to do so soon. There seems to be an opportunity to get involved with other photographers on the web in a slightly different way than this page does. They also seek lf photographers to create a book which will tout large format as a continueing art form. I have never been published before so that also excites me. So, if it sounds of some interest to you, check it out and feel free to email them, they will be happy to answer your questions. Lastly, I do not see the WFPA web page as competing with this web page, but rather they may compliment one another. This is a wonderful web page, which I refer to very often, full of valuable information and will continue to prosper because of the individuals who run it and those who participate here. Well, that's more than my two cents worth, didn't want to make it sound like an ad for them, so please, nobody take offense.



-- Saulius Eidukas (, August 04, 2000.

I am also intersted because they seek lf photographers contributions, regardless of their level of experience

How different is that from the LF homepage ? As mentioned on the main page, all contributions are welcome. When published on the LF page, they will be available to anybody, and seen by many.

They also seek lf photographers to create a book which will tout large format as a continueing art form. I have never been published before so that also excites me.

The problem is not to get published. It is to have the value of your work acknowledged, and in my opinion, that works best when the publisher is reputable or thinks your work is worth paying for.

-- Q.-Tuan Luong (, August 09, 2000.

Becoming a member of WFPA may offer opportunities to exchange LF information. One has to be aware of potential conflict of interest, since the founder or originator of WFPA is also involved in the sale/marketing of photographic equipment ( to mention a few, the Weston Euromaster selenium cell exposure meter, Wisner LF cameras).

-- Hans Berkhout (, August 10, 2000.

Dear contributors, the lat entry is a low blow (unintentional, perhaps) addressed to the WFPA president, John D. Since I joined the WFPA I've never heard from him or anybody else any invitation to buy anything. I can, if I want, ask him for a quote on a price and invariably I receive a quick information and a fair price. I've never received any unrequested information on any photographic product which John migh sell, infact, you have to dig pretty deep on his site to find these things on sale. Like many other people involved in large format photography, the occasional sale of some materials can hardly be described as John's main intent , but rather as a nice way to be involved also with this aspect of large format photography making, maybe, the occasional quid every now and again. Yes this site is a little less than easy to navigate, it features many things which may or may not be to the liking of some contributors to this site. Howeve, I do not feel that there is any competition between the two sites! If you know the WFPA site you see that there are many differences between these two and they might very well complement one another rather than being alternative to each other. I feel some hostility every time the WFPA is mentioned on this site and believe me(I am a member of the WFPA but also a contributor to this site) I cannot see why. If you read the "Financial Times" nothing prevents you to read the "Wall street Journal". It doesn't mean that you take sides, you just read(or contribute) to both! As in many cases writing on this pages I would like to invite all to Love and Peace, live and let live.

-- andrea milano (, August 10, 2000.

Dear Q.-Tuan Luong, When I made my comments to Jason about the WFPA I was simply trying to answer his questions. I did not say nor try to imply that the LF format page was in some way inferior to the WFPA page, or vice versa. When I stated "I am also interested because they seek lf photographers contributions, regardless of their level of experience" I was referring to their Newsletter called the Visor. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. I assumed Jason had or will look over the WFPA site and would have seen the Newsletter. Also I wanted to keep my descriptions of the web site to a minimum as its best to visit and take time to explore any web page for ones self to get a feel for it. In the Visor any members can contribute and share information in a slightly different way then on the LF page. For example, you can write about your set up for a studio shot and share with others how you did it. This could include images and diagrams, or you can write an essay about your experience as a photo instructor and your interactions with the students, or as I was asked to share my own first steps (and stumbles) in 8x10, etc. That's why I said "There seems to be an opportunity to get involved with other photographers on the web (the WFPA page) in a slightly different way than this page does." Again, this statement is not meant to snub the LF page, just my way of trying to let Jason know what the WFPA page seems to be about from my perspective. You also quoted me "They also seek lf photographers to create a book which will tout large format as a continuing art form. I have never been published before so that also excites me " You say the problem is not getting published but being acknowledged by a reputable editor. You seem to imply John D and the WFPA are not reputable. If so, please share with me some facts as to why this is so. You state receiving acknowledgement for ones work is best when someone pays for it. I heartily disagree. There'd be a lot fewer photographers out in the world if we all simply did it for profit. (Although making money off it does help and sometimes it is the only point of doing it) I find it most rewarding when a viewer interacts with an image I made. They react to what I tried to express, what I saw and felt, and the image clicks for them. After reading Johns' idea and purpose for the book, I took it as an interesting way of promoting LF photography and for the photographers' benefit, it could be a bit of self-promotion. But for me it was the idea of LF photographers on new years day, all around the globe taking photographs and having all these images, all these view points, all these techniques and ideas put into one book, as a wonderful way of showing what an imaginative mind can do with a view camera. If you and any others think it's simply a scam of some sort, then by all means don't participate. For others out there such as I, who take him for his word, I believe the project holds much promise. I did not want to get into a little war of words, but when you quoted me and made comments about my words it seemed like you took some of what I said the wrong way. I hope this clarifies it a bit and please don't take this as a personal attack on you or the LF page. For I fully intend on continuing my visits and occasional participation to the LF page as I have been doing. When looking at the world as a whole, the "large format photography club" is quite a small one and we in that tiny community ought to try and make room for each other.

-Happy photographing to all!

-- Saulius Eidukas (, August 11, 2000.

Uh. Who gets the profits from the book, if it ever gets published, and if anyone buys it. James

-- james (, August 12, 2000.

Regarding the book project James makes a good point, which in retrospect seems what Q.-Tuan Luong was also saying. I may have been a bit hasty and overzealous in my previous comments. I do that now and then. When I find out an answer to James' question I'll reply. As far as web pages go, I still believe there can be more than one informative site regarding LF photography, variety can be a good thing. Best regards, Saulius

-- Saulius Eidukas (, August 12, 2000.

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