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What is the proper name of so. Central Rain (track 3, reckoning, is it SOUTH central rain, or SOUTHERN central rain, or what? I have heard it called a couple of things and wanted to know what one was correct. Can anyone help?

-- Wendell (, July 26, 2000


i think that South Central Rain is its true title (although its called southern central rain on this website) so i guess that doesn't really help much.

-- mark (, July 26, 2000.

Southern Central Rain is the full title. This information can be found... wait for it.... in the sleeve on Reckoning! Yup, invest in a copy of the Reckoning, not only do you get 10 fantastic tracks, you also get two track listings in the acompanying CD booklet, both of which say 3. Southern Central Rain (I'm Sorry). Not to mention the less helpful listings on the back of the CD, and on the CD it's self, which say 3. so. Central Rain.

-- Craig (, July 26, 2000.

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