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anybody know filter size for the 12in comm ektar? Josh

-- josh (, July 25, 2000


Josh: The Commercial Ektar took a "Series" filter. I have a lens shade with a filter adapter built in, but it diesn't have the size marked. It seems it was a Series 8, but I may be wrong. You might want to look into getting an adjustable filter holder that takes 4" square gel or glass filters. The Series filters are hard to find. I also have an adjustable filter holder that I attach to the rear element and like it very well. Not all bellows are big enough to allow the use of the rear filter, however.

-- Doug Paramore (, July 25, 2000.

I have one lens a 150 with a 52mm diameter I want to get the lee lens shade the ring that connects the to the lens is $40. Since I am almost positive that my next lens will be the comm ektar i want to buy the ring that will fit it and use the much cheaper step up rings to attach the lens shade to my current lens.Just tryinn to keep from buying 2 of those damn $40 dollar rings. -J

-- josh (, July 25, 2000.

My big camera/junk store in town has a huge bin of series adapters for $3 each. The other thing the guy said and worked was take a UV filter that is bigger put the adapter ring on it in the middle, fill the surrounding "moat" with epoxy, unscrew the retaining ring of the filter and give it a good whack with the flat end of a dowel and hammer. Then black out the epoxy.

The other thing I had to do this Saturday with a big series lens that seemed to take 52mm but didn't was to get a 55mm and turn it upside down and pressure it on -- no vignetting that way. A little lip of black tape for weird movements and you're off to the races. Push hard so it is parallel. Not perfect, but it is almost impossible to find series adapters where I live. And when I do the 40-year-old filters are delaminated or faded.

All this to save the massive amounts of money they want for square filters and use bargain bin filters - some day I'm gonna buy a good rig.


-- Dean Lastoria (, July 25, 2000.

Josh, It has an OD of 63.5mm and requires a slip on adapter. Kodak made these and they often appear at used camera shows. The adapter would be threaded for a series 8 retainer (which is 67mm). You could use without the retainer and screw in 67mm filters!

-- Robert A. Zeichner (, July 26, 2000.

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