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How wide of a lens can be used on a 6x9 before a center filter is needed? I'm considering lens in the 45-55mm range,to use on an Arca 6x9 F-Line. Will I need a center filter if I use the Rodenstock APO-Granagon 55mm f/4.5 with either a 6x7 or 6x9 format and camera movements??? Good center filters are very pricey items. I'll buy one if I need it, but if I don't all the better. Thanks. Bob P.

-- Robert Pellegrino (, July 24, 2000


I shoot often with both 58 mm and 75 mm lenses in the 6 x 9 format. I shoot exclusively color transparencies, mostly Velvia. I find that with the 58 mm (Schneider 58 mm xl f5.6) the centerfilter is necessary. I shot the 58 mm for about a year without using a centerfilter and was usually disappointed with the quality of light in the images but wasn't sure if it was due to a lack of a centerfilter or perhaps just that the lens was too contrasty for my tastes. As soon as I tried a centerfilter, I realized what a fantastic lens I had. I persisted for a year without a centerfilter because I believed that because the lens has so much coverage and I was only use the center part of that coverage, I shouldn't be able to notice the light fall off. However, falloff is due to the angle of coverage not the lens' image circle. In contrast, the 75 mm does not need a centerfilter. I believe that with a 65 mm it would be a closer ca

-- Howard Slavitt (, July 24, 2000.

Bob I only use b/w these days and don't find the need for a C.F. If you shoot trannies. then you will need one with some of the wider angled lenses. For 6x9 I use: 1)35mm Apo-Grandagon o.k. if you don't use movements, however you may still need a C.F. 2)47XL Super Angulon should be o.k. even with movements. 3)55 Apo-Grandagon again should be fine even with movements. Both the 47XL and 55 have plenty in reserve for lens shifts with the 6x9 format, both these lenses cover 4x5. Hope this is of some help,

-- Trevor Crone (, July 25, 2000.

The 55mm is about 1 stop down at 50mm from the optical axis at F22, so the falloff would be noticable on 6x7, even with no movements, even more so on 6x9. This is normal for any lens in this focal length, of course, not just the Rodenstock.

-- Ron Shaw (, July 25, 2000.


I shot alot of 6x9 last summer with the 55mm Apo-Grandagon. I didn't find a CF was needed in any of my shots, which included a pretty wide range of landscape subjects. The lens was extraordinarily sharp by the way!

-- Glenn C. Kroeger (, August 06, 2000.

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