White folks in the AME church

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I have never been to an AME church, and I was wondering if white folks are allowed to become members of the church.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2000


The A.M.E church does not discriminate. As a matter of fact the church that I attend, Wayne Chapel in Billings, Montana. In an integrated church. 50% black and 50% white. People are hungry for the gospel and good preaching. The a.m.e church has a lot to offer everyone.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2000

Dear Matthew,

There definitely no restrictions in the A.M.E. Church. Now are there churches that are predominantly black? Yes, because they are located in areas that are virtually 100 per cent African-American but in areas that show a diversity in population, more and more you find the church mirroring that diversity in its congregation. Aside from running this web site, and holding down a secular job at a newspaper, I pastor a suburban A.M.E. congregation, Bensalem A.M.E. just outside of Philadelphia. The church is on the A.M.E, Today website and you would only need to take a glance to quickly realize that its membership is fully integrated and that because of this rainbow composition, I believe our worship has obtained a richness through the sharing of cultures and backgrounds. I am not sure where you are located in the United States, but if you are close to Philadelphia, drop on in!

Rev. John

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2000

The church does not discriminate. I know of two caucasian pastors-- one is in the l0th district. He was a delegate to the G.C.

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2000

St. Paul AME in St. Louis Missouri has a white female licentiate. She is expected to be ordained a Deacon at our next annual conference. Her name is January Kiefer.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2000

In the 5th District we have numerous members who are caucasian and hispanic. We also have an outstanding "white" pastor who preaches the unadulterated word of God with so much vigor that sometimes I have to question his ethnicity.smile He preaches up a storm. Hats off to Rev Mike Barta.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2000

In the 1st district, we have a number of white preachers, itinenite and local. We also have a conference level SS. Superintindent who is white in the New England Conference. No, we do not discriminate in the AME church...all are welcome.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2000

Brother Matthew: In the Philadelphia Conference, we seem to have more white members in our suburban churches as opposed to the inner-city. But nevertheless our doors are open to all. "God Our Father, Christ Our Redeemer, Man Our Brother" is Our church Motto. That seems to sum it all up. Be Blessed!!!

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2000

Not only are they "allowed" to join, but also pastor churches (Mike Barta and Jane Galloway in the 5th District).

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2001

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