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Do you ever wish you had purchased a 4x5 view camera so you could also shoot in the 6x12 format? Please indicate why or why not. Thanks,

-- Charles Mangano (cmangano@heart.umaryland.edu), July 24, 2000


I shoot with a 6x9 BuschPressman and like the format. If I want 6x12 then I will use my 4x5. Having a 4x5 camera to shoot 6x12 0r any other roll film format doesn't do much for me. I like the sheet film emulsions so roll film in the camera isn't something I do. If you wanted to shoot roll film why didn't you get a Mamiya or something? The cost was about the same for your MF as it was for the 4x5. James

-- james (james_mickelson@hotmail.com), July 24, 2000.

Charles, IMHO both formats have their advantages and disadvantages. I shoot a lot of 6x9 (with a Silvestri SLV) and there are times when this has preference over my LF outfit. I like the size of the negative and the fact that I can also shoot smaller formats. I purchased my LF kit to take advantage of the movements that were offered but more importantly the bigger negative size. I own roll film holders (6x9 and6x12) but find that I prefer to use sheet film and crop to 6x12 (ish !!) when required. IMHO the 4x5 offers more scope!! Regards Paul

-- paul owen (paulowen_2000@yahoo.com), July 24, 2000.

Charles I use both 6x9 and 4x5 field cameras. I mainly use the 6x9 when I wish to travel light with minimum fuss of equipment. I'm currently considering using the 6x9 for hand held street photgraphy. I use my 4x5 with both 6x9 (although rarely now with this camera) and 6x12 roll backs, I particularly like the 6x12 format for landscape work. I do use 4x5 but tend to work full frame in this format. Regards,

-- Trevor Crone (tcrone@gm.dreamcast.com), July 25, 2000.

Charles, I did buy my 4x5 camera with the intention of using 6x9 and 6x12 roll film holders. For me this work quite well. On a typical outdoor day I'll be shooting 4x5 (and 6x12 if the subject suits better this format) in early morning and late afternoon. In between, I'll have lunch, siesta and some 6x9 shooting to complete my stock of botany related pictures. Since I aquired my 4x5 set I have'nt been using my Pentax 6x7 anymore. I have been keeping it for long and hard hikes...but did not performed them anymore as I really like view camera shooting MUCH MORE.

-- Jean-Marie Solichon (jardin-exotique@monte-carlo.mc), July 26, 2000.

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