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I juts bought a pioneer DVD/VCD player (DV-C302D). It can play most of VCD title I bought from China. However, for one movie, there are total of 2 disc's, I can play the second disc successfully, but when I play the first disc, no picture and no sound. While I can play both disc's on my PC via window media player. Any idea?

Thanks, Gang

-- Gang Wu (, July 24, 2000


I have the same DVD player and i too have issue playing some of the VCD brom China. The reverse situation also true when the DVD player plays the VCD fine, but the computer will not. I don't think it's the player or the computer. Rather, it is the video/audio stream itself. The mpeg clip may have corrupted section that either the DVD player or the computer decoders can not handle. So to fix this problem, you would have to rip the mpeg clip from the disc and reauthor it to a CD- R. To rip the mpeg clip from the VCD, you would need VCDGEAR2.0 (freeware). To re-author the mpeg to CD-R as VCD, you would need a VCD author burnware.

-- lnguyen (, July 24, 2000.

For the disc that does not show picture, all the track information is there, but no picture and no sound while playing any track. Also, it seems that the disc is not recognized as a video cd disc rather as a audio disc, which is probably the reason. I wonder if there is a way to force the machine to play the track using mpeg decoder instead of playing as an audio disc as it mistakes the disc as an audio disc.


-- Gang Wu (, July 25, 2000.

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