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Using panasonic encoder with EZ CD creator, I get good quality VCD's that play fine in my philips DVD player. HOWEVER, I cannot use the rewind or fast-forward functions on the remote. Is there something I can change in the encoding process to eleviate this problem? I think I read something about GOP header information... What the HECK is that? Is that something that the Panasonic encoder can change?

-- scot virnoche (, July 24, 2000


I would also like to know the solution. I have the same dvd player, I also use panasonic and ezcd creator. Additional info, fast forward/rewind works with original VCDs. Thanks.

-- Romeo (, July 24, 2000.

Hi! Excuse my bad english.

I was a Philips DVD710 owner.

I've noticed that several Philips DVD players have affected by this problem (710/711/730/925 ...) I've talked with Philips Technical Assistance in Spain and they send me a firmware upgrade CD. After I apply the firmware upgrade (last version is 9.23) the problem persist. The Philips Technical Assistance was not be able to solve this issue.

Also, Philips DVD710 don't support SVCD/XVCD. I was desperate and finally I decide to sell my Philips DVD player. Actually I've waiting to receive my new Hitachi DV-P505 in a few days. Hitachi DV-P505 is XVCD/SVCD compatible!!!

However, you should to change a MPEG parameter named "Header Sequence" to "1 per GOP". Panasonic Encoder don't include this option. But you can find this parameter in the advanced options of the Xing MPEG Encoder, TSMPEG Encoder and LSX MPEG Encoder. This trick make to work the ff/rew functions in all Philips DVD players.

I hope this message help you.


-- Pedro Torres (, July 24, 2000.

your product is very-very good.thanks for that.

-- sau_khiong (, April 24, 2001.

You need to add mpeg sequence headers into the video stream. Demux the video, then use a tool called MpegSequenceMaker to insert sequence headers into the video stream. Then recombine the streams into a system stream and burn to VCD.

Also, on my philips DVD825 after applying the firmware update I had to go into the options menu on the player and turn off PBC.

You can get the utility mentioned from the tools section over at

-- Sean (, May 01, 2001.

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