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I recently purchased a spot welder for the full intensions of welding copper to copper. I do have a full sheetmetal shop that can use this machine on galvanized metal so all expense is not lost but....I wonder if you could tell me if maybe I need special tips, maybe I was too quick on buying this spot welder instead of maybe some specialty one made for copper welding? I am currently pop riviting my copper projects and then welding the seams with oxy\acetylene torches. The copper rivits are expensive plus the labor for predrilling the holes etc. So you see I really need a way to delete that intire process to keep my product cost down. Spot welding would really do the trick if its possible. Any advice or suggestions would certainly be greatly appreciated!!!

Help Me!!!!Please!!!! Dana

-- Dana Melton (AC OF, July 23, 2000


A little more info is needed before it is possibly determined if your machine is large enough to weld copper to copper. The thickness of the copper, are you welding a continuous seam around the entire part, what is the size of the part, and what all components are you attempting to want to spot weld to the copper? Usually Molybdenum and/or Tungsten faced electrodes are used to weld copper. Also, what secondary voltage and KVA rating is your spotwelder that you are wanting to use this on?

-- Spot (, July 31, 2000.

You need to set a very little heat time when welding Copper to Copper.The reason is that as copper is a good conducter it does not generate any resistance which is essential during spot welding.The copper eats all the heat itself very fast.Give a short time and high current pulse.

Use tugstun or molybdenum electrodes on both the sides.If you want a sketch of the electrode you send me a drawing of your component by email.I will send a sketch to you.

You can aslo use a brazing paste,black siver paste in between the weld joint when welding.This paste creates resistance and aids in a good weld.

Thanks and good luck.


Subhash Patwardhan

-- Subhash Patwardhan (, December 28, 2000.

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