Michael's hair (or lack of it)

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Why did Michael shave his head? I initially thought it was because he was going bald, but during the Behind The Music about them I saw his hairline and it wasn't bad. Please help me by answering this query and putting this demon to rest.


-- Kent Stevens (smashingpete@yahoo.com), July 23, 2000


Michael shaved all of his hair off because, is hair was thinning out and he was imbarassed about it.
Your demon may rest now :)

-- Lisa (lgrinavic@olg.com), July 23, 2000.

Strictly i think he looked alittle...Silly when he was bald on top so i don't blame him for shaving it off. But its a pitty he went bald his hair looked great in the Losing My Religion video. But he looks great now i'm not judging him, no way.

-- lee thomas mainwaring (leerem1@yahoo.com), July 28, 2000.

michael said in the programme "REM Essential" that "i was 35 years old and my hair was thinning". There you are, straight from the horses mouth (not that michaels a horse! uh oh, what have i said....)

-- jen (not@tellingyou.com), August 08, 2000.

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