Walker Titan SF 4x5 Field camera

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Hello Folks,

I am wondering what the consensus feeling of a Walker Titan SF 4x5 Field camera is from anyone who has shot over 100 sheets of film on one.

I wonder if the ABS material dents by the stainless hardware and becomes sloppy over time?

What do you wish you had more of with this camera?

TIA Jeff...

-- Jeff Rose (Backfill@swbell.net), July 22, 2000


Hello Jeff, I have a Walker since about one year. and it is just a great tool. I like how it is crafted, I like the userfriendly, intelligent design( a lot of small and practical things like the way the tilt-knobs work - one up, one down as your hand automatically would do; aso). It is stable as a tank, but lightwight. The material used is taking all conditions you can find on earth( a real wetherproof camera). I prefer stainless steel over brass or soft aluminium, and the ABS is not a toy-plastic, but a heavy duty material, holding the precise form without compromise. The coating has even a nice and "sexy" feeling. I'm very happy with this camera, because I like nicely and wellmade tools, not bothering but helping me to take my photos. Walker has a website: www. walkercameras.com with nice prices for lenses as well. Have fun and good luck Urs

-- Urs Bernhard (ursworkvision@bluewin.ch), August 23, 2000.

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