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-- Anonymous, July 22, 2000


Yes, Donna, do up a transcript. While there may be the danger that you are perceived as making him hear something that isn't there, then again there are some people who just aren't as receptive to aural information, or who don't hear as good as range of frequencies without a little help, and this may make the difference for him.

I ventured out to the Woodstock Library today for a lecture, thought I could handle it and had one of those dreadful coughing fits. Back into my hole again, like a groundhog seeing its shadow. Would like you all to spread the word regarding this bronchial problem that goes on for weeks that has been hitting so many people.

I've been doing some research into pertussis (whooping cough), and it seems to fit the pattern that a lot of us have had, but no-one I know seems to have been tested for it. It's probably too late for most of us, the culturing is fussy and needs to be done fairly early in the process. It doesn't necessarily exhibit the "whoop" cough in adults, and evidently is quite under-diagnosed. If you know anyone who seems to be in the earlier stages in the first 2 or three weeks, have them insist on being tested for it.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2000

Ira Glass's "This American Life" has a 5 minute episode I haven't heard in "Notes on Camp August 28, 1998 Episode 109"

"Ritual. Camp Lake of the Woods holds a fake Indian Powwow during the summer. This kind of fake Native American-ness has been a part of camping in America since organized camping began a century ago. And ceremonies like this are just part of making the business run for any camp. By having traditions, and lots of songs in which campers sing about their loyalty to their own camp, camps create repeat customers. It's an economic imperative. And also of course, it's really fun. (5 minutes)


I don't have RealAudio on this computer, will have to see if I can listen to it on my husband's.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2000

Carol: I see the show you mentioned is a repeat from 1998...Notes on Camp August 28, 1998 Episode 109

I'll try to listen. T.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2000

Nice letter from Henny Wise of Olivebridge on the mascot in the Freeman online

Brings to mind a point about "Majority rules!" that we can use in response to CARE, since they are always throwing "majority rules!" in our faces. Next time someone mentions that to you, remind them that CARE members have worked hard to find some Native Americans (such as Rose Ostrander), or Native American school teams who endorse Indian mascots. Tell them that's all very well, but the majority of Native American organizations that have taken a position on Indian mascots find them harmful and disrespectful. Perhaps they should educate Rose Ostrander about the nuances of majority rule first, before they try it on us.

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2000

Also a letter from Louis Ciaccio in the same online issue of the Freeman, and terse reply online from Ostrander.

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2000

<< In your review of the meeting the other night you say that we think that they should keep the name "Onteora Indians". Even though you go on to say that they should use it as the name of the study center, it is not clear. It should just say that an Onteora Native American Study Center should be established. >>

I'm in agreement with Dennis about that.

Had a peculiar thing come up yesterday. Took the car in for a service, and we had a slow leak on one tire. When it was time for the bill, they mentioned that they found two nails, didn't say if it was in the same tire or two different ones.I'm awaiting a call back from the mechanic, who I wasn't able to contact further yesterday.

Hey, accidents happen, sometimes you do pick up a nail.In 30 years of driving, I remember picking up a nail in a tire once, the day I stopped at a friend's while she was having her roof replaced. Two nails? That's a bigger jump. My house (and my cars) are right on the road. I haven't driven anywhere near any construction.

Lucia at least had her flats all there at once. Comparatively safe in its way. But if this is deliberate, my kids could have been killed by a blow-out. I'll talk with the police after hearing from the mechanic, if it sounds like there is any possibility of it being deliberate.

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2000

Be careful out there...letters to the editor now seem to be dangerous, also..Carol your's was brilliant...hysterically funny and a model of clear thinking.


-- Anonymous, July 29, 2000

easy reading article below.. haw goes from Rebels to Eagles Principal says survey showed support for dropping controversial nickname 07/28/00 By MIKE HERNDON Sports Reporter

Starting this school year, Shaw High's athletes will be Rebels no more.

Shaw has changed its official nickname to the Eagles, dropping the Rebel mascot that had become controversial for racial and other reasons. The Mobile school had been the Rebels throughout its 36-year history.

"It should have been done a long time ago," said Wanda Dreadin, who taught at Shaw for 28 years before retiring this year. "I think it'll help the school in a lot of ways."

The change came about after Shaw principal Robert Likely listened to concerns about the mascot, and spent the 1999-2000 year surveying students, faculty, parents, alumni, community leaders - even teachers at Shaw's feeder schools - about a possible switch. "The majority of those completing the survey indicated that they would like to see the mascot changed to one that would better represent the school and community," Likely said. "While it is right to respect the heritage of Shaw High School, it is also necessary as we move forward into the 21st century that changes be made so as to represent all students.

"It is our sincere hope that all members of our school family, particularly the alumni, will help and support us in this endeavor."

Likely presented the results of his survey to Mobile County school Superintendent Harold Dodge earlier this month, listing three reasons for the change:

The "Rebel" - a man with a gun - is not the type of image for a school.

The word "Rebel" conjures a negative image.

Another mascot would be more appropriate for the school so that it would represent all of Shaw's students.

Shaw PTSA president Russell Pears Jr. said having the image of a man with a gun as the school's mascot was reason enough for the change. "Would you want your kids going to a school with that image?" Pears asked.

The name "Rebels," commonly associated with the Confederate forces of the Civil War, also carried racial connotations for a school that was once majority white but is now about 75 percent black.

"A mascot is something that should build unity; it should build pride," Shaw teacher Tracey Edge said in an interview during the 1999-2000 school year. "I can't in good conscience in my classroom put up a bulletin board that says 'Rebels' when I look at my class and I see 75 to 80 percent black students."

Two weeks ago, Likely informed Dodge that a committee of Shaw parents, alumni, students, teachers and community leaders had chosen "Eagles" as the new nickname.

"I think we couldn't have chosen a better mascot," Likely said Wednesday. "The eagle is a symbol of bravery, courage and excellence, and that's what we're trying to strive for here at Shaw High School."

Dodge said he considers the choice of a mascot as a "site-based decision" to be made by the administration of each school. But he lauded Likely for his surveying people about the issue.

"The principal did an extensive job of working with the community," Dodge said of Likely, who is entering his second year leading Shaw. "He told me when he first got there a year ago that there had been some concerns made by the kids and in the community ... He worked real hard to talk to everybody, and he took a year to do it. That's a pretty good decision-making model right there."

Nancy Bailey, a 1978 Shaw alumnae, said she supports the change.

"I personally view it as whatever the majority wants, I think that's what should be done," Bailey said. "Whatever mascot they can get behind and get that spirit of pride and have a successful year ... that's what they need."

To Dreadin, who was at Shaw in the mid-70s when the school's logo was changed from a Confederate soldier to a Minuteman from the Revolutionary War - emphasizing a "Continental Rebel" as the school's mascot instead of a Confederate rebel - the change was long overdue. But she said she felt Likely deserved praise for having patience and for keeping the school's priorities in order.

Shaw had been on academic Alert 2 status when Likely arrived. Since then, the school's scores on the Stanford Achievement Test have dramatically improved, moving the school into academic-clear status.

"While we were on alert, he wouldn't touch the issue of the mascot," Dreadin said of Likely. "I knew he had a lot of pressure on him from the community."

Dreadin said she expects that the new mascot will foster the kind of pride needed to keep Shaw on the upswing. "I think the kids will get behind it," she said. "If the kids can get behind something like this, and it will motivate them to love their school, that will help the academics, too."

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2000

Was thaat Mobile, Alabama? You didn't give a source.

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2000

Yes, Mobile, Alabama...sorry about that... Tobe

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2000

Latest version of STAND's stand for Tues meeting...

I'm here tonight to represent STAND (Support Tolerance and Nurture Diversity)

At the last board meeting, a suggestion was made to try and move beyond the current mascot crisis. STAND has a proposal to offer in this regard.

We agree that all the stereotypes and caricatures should be removed from the schools. There seems to be no opposition to this and it should be done immediately.

The District policy on use and control over the mascot should remain in place and should be enforced. This simply means not using any race of people as a nickname, symbol, logo or mascot.

We believe the board should follow up on Mr. Doan's suggestion of encouraging greater detailed studies of First Nation peoples, and in particular we believe it is important to learn about those Natives who inhabited this region. To that end we urge the board to establish the Onteora Native American Study Center. This study center can then become a true place of honor, where authentic study and discovery takes place, and where interested students and the entire community can become informed about who the original settlers of this area were, and why they aren't here anymore.

As a final mascot note, we hope the middle school and high school students will continue on their path of choosing a nickname, mascot and symbol that they want for their teams and for their school. We urge the school administration to help them find a way to come together behind a new honorable symbol.

Thank you.

PS: the BOE is going into exec sesion at 6PM to discuss "possible" litigation...wonder what that means????he he he!

Hey, cartol, how about coming to the meeting and simply reading your latest wonderful letter...maybe we can get Bruce Ackerman to make a suitable cartoon....LOL

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2000

Speaking of security..has anyone had any of the following happen regularly since this "incident" began? A single phone ring upon hanging up after a conversation? Frequent "no body there" when you pick up the phone? Echo on the phone? Anything else unusual???..think hard. Tobe

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2000

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