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Speaking for myself, I wanted John Bryant to be the next Bishop of the district where I live. I first met him in 1985 when he was the guest lecturer for Religious Emphasis Week on the campus of Hampton University. His preaching and lectures were electrifying. I knew at that moment [even though I was Baptist by choice] that he was truly unique among the black clergy. Now I am AME by choice and ironically it seems I have less access to Bishop Bryant compared to my former Baptist days! How are Bishop assingments determined? Is there a process which matches skills of the Bishop with the needs of an episcopal district? Our new Bishop, John Hurst Adams, brings a wealth of experience. I know of his indefatigable work to promote black church unity through his creation of the Congress of National Black Churches. Bishop Adams should also be applauded for taking a principled stand in his calling for President Clinton's removal from office during the Lewinsky scandal. To my knowledge Adams was the only leading black clergyman who didnot succumb to Democratic pressure to defend the President at all costs. While Bryant is my runaway first choice, I look with anticipation for the mark Adams will leave on the 11th. But then again I do visit LA frequently so perhaps Bryant and I can reconnect :-)

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2000


Perhaps you do not have to go even as far as LA to connect for I do know as a fact that Bishop Bryant does fequent A.M.E. Today! I got this directly with any inbetweens at the General Conference, and it came much to my surprise. Several Bishops of the church move through here, albeit perhaps silently, so your thoughts and viewpoints are not looked in sequestered text boxes, they indeed are being spread, observed and sometimes acted upon throughout the denomination.

Rev. John

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2000

Well Bill, the flourishing fifth district is excited to have Bishop Bryant!! I wanted Presiding Elder Carolyn Guidry to become a Bishop also. God is in control! So we in the fifth district invite you and others from the 11th district to come and visit the rest of your A.M.E family. Joy in Christ, Rev.Denise Rogers

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2000

Ditto the response of Rev. Rodgers. I too am very disappointed that Presiding Elder Guidry was not elected. That is not to take anything away from those who were, I am sure they will all do their very best. I just know that Carolyn Tyler Guidry is a woman of uncomprimising integrity, compassion and great vision and she, in my humble opinion, would have been an outstanding Spiritual Leader for our Zion in a time when we need all of those that we can get. Having said that I think all of us here in the Fifth are truly excited about the assignment of Bishop Bryant. I have followed his work in the Tenth with great interest.I think he will be a true blessing for the Flourishing Fifth! With regards to your question Bill, I think it is a combiination of things. It is my understanding that Bishop Bryant had a desire to come to the Fifth. I have also been told that he received the most votes by far. in a poll of our delegation.In such a case, where there is an obvious match of interests, both on the part of the Bishop as well as the leadership of a District, it seems that it would be logical and reasonable that the Episcopal Committee would endorse such an assignment. Of course this is hardly gospel. I wasn't even at General Conference and am about as far removed from the "know" as one can get and still be a part of the Connection but it makes sense to me... For whatever it's worth.... Mike

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2000

I, too, was hoping for Bishop Bryant AND Mrs. Bryant to be assigned to the Terrific Third, but KNEW it was a pipe dream! We couldn't be so lucky. I met Bryant when we were in Ft. Worth for the Christian Ed Congress and was very favorably impressed.

I have heard that our newly assigned Bishop Webster is good. Sorry to say this, but I think the 3rd has had a rather lean past 8 years and we really need someone to bring revival.

Bishop Anderson (16 - 24 years ago) was wonderful and really brought a spirtual fervor to the District (well, to me, anyhow). His "Festival of the Holy Spirit" was really something to which we looked forward. And he was interested in planting new congregations. I do hope Bishop Webster will bring a needed revival.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2000

I was there that night in the 5th District Meeting when my father announced to the District that he would not seek to return to the District but request to be located for health reasons. Hours before that somewhat dramatic announcement, in a Byrd family caucus we all hoped and prayed that it would be another great spiritual person in the name of Bishop Bryant to succeed Bishop Byrd (this is not to minimize the stature of others who were interested in leading the District). When my father decided to step to the side, and the District voted for Bishop Bryant, the hand of the Lord was moving. In 1984 when my father was elected to the Episcopacy it was John Bryant who stepped aside and withdrew and helped to enable my father to be elected. At the past General Conference, 16 years later,it was Bishop Byrd who stepped aside and supported Bishop Bryant's following him as the Prelate of the 5th District. Interstingly enough it was Bishop Bryant who presided at the time the Conference approved Bishop Byrd's request to be located and who led the Conference in prayer for his health and our family. It was like God ordaining the passing of the Spiritual Torch from a Senior, to a younger one with the same sense of Spiritual Centerdness that the Church must move towards. I saw many things at this General Conference. I saw corruption, but I also saw grace. I saw cowardice, but I also saw courage. I saw that in spite of so much of our foolishness, God is sovereign and so so faithful. He will never let you down. Please remember my family in your prayers. (John, I'll say it again: this is a great web site!!)

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2000


Your depiction of the handing over of the spiritual torch just sent shivers through me. Thank you for putting things in such clear perspective. Some times it is easy to get caught up in the political side of things and lose focus on the flesh and blood realities and the spiritual guidance which must manifest itself in all matters of this great Zion. Thank you for an insight that only you could have provided in this discussion


-- Anonymous, July 25, 2000

I am happy to have Bishop John Hurst Adams in the 11th , I am sure he will do exceptionally well for our District, I had the opportunity to see him at the Bishop's Council in Alabama... and to watch him gave me hope that God is still in control. his ability to speak with authority and distinction. Only a God can do a thing as thing as this We are please to have the Bishop and Dr. John H. Adams here , I look forward to seeing him work with the churches especially the smaller one.. "TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR ALL HE HAS DONE "

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2000

Irrespective of what Bishop Ming is lately quoted for with regard to the assignment of Bishop Norris, I still know and maintain that all our AME bishops are man and woman of exceptional qualities. I returned home from Cincinnati, convinced that God was involved in all deliberations, and that His Will was above all our political manouverings. Whatever we say about the political process of electing candidates, the truth of the matter is that God rules supreme, and yes, the gates of hell will not prevail. Cincinnati 2000 is over and done - now we have to look forward into the future, with faith, leaning on the Lord! Between 2000 - 2004 let us talk about how to best implement the Mission Statement of our beloved Zion. That is our primary purpose of corporate existence. Like Bishop Byrd believes: Nothing is achieved unless souls are catered for.

I am also tempted to make a few remarks about two outstanding leaders who retired. Firstly, Bishop Robert "Bob" Thomas, who has proven that "loves makes the difference". I was delighted and inspired when he spoke on his retirement and he knows that the people in the 15th Episcopal District (especially the Namibia Annual Conference) wish him all the best for the years ahead. We love you. Secondly, our own Bishop Harold Ben Senatle, whose outstanding leadership has proven that "local is the best". Look at his record, look at the 19th Episcopal Headquarters, look at his record of harmony and peace in the 15th Episcopal District! Well done, servants of God!

In conclusion, ame-today has a very wide audience, and I was surprise to learn the high number of Namibians who followed your coverage throughout the General Conference. The returning delegations did not have any "fresh breaking news" to tell. In years bygone we had to wait until someone phones or we receive the delegation at the airports to hear who was elected and assigned bishop of the 15th Episcopal District. God bless your ministry.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2000

We, in the tenth, were blessed to have Bishop John and Rev, Cee for ten glorious years. God bless Bishop and Mrs. Bryant whereever God leads them. They are truly servants of the most high God. Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2000

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