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Andy, youve said the filming takes place from the beginning of August to the end of September, right? Now what Im going to say is all hypothetical, but... If there is a series next summer and my team ends up being on the show, could it be arranged so that the episode we were apart of was filmed in August? Because me being a first year college student that year, it would not be very good to miss any school. And do I understand this right, do the teams stay in London during the whole filming time, or do they film their episode, go home, and then come back if they make it into the final?

-- Anthony Bouvette (, July 21, 2000


I am afraid there is not a whole lot we can promise. We don't know if we are making a new series, and if we do there is no guarentee we would make it at the same time of year - this is TLC's decision rather than RDF's. The best you can is sign up to the mailing list I have just put on the Junkyard Wars mailing list. If you subscribe to this list we will email you as soon as we have any info on applying for the next series.

-- Andy Bell (, July 24, 2000.

hello tony , i just wondered why you would ask such a question . i don't want to seem mean but , get real ! you , being an intelligent man must know that the economics behind such a venture as JUNKYARD WARS will not allow the producers of the show to chang their schedule to fit yours . now what i would suggest is if you really want to be a contestant you will do what the rest of us are willing to do , and that is to make a sacrifice and skip a couple of classes and take a once in a lifetime chance at being on the show . as for myself , if i were to get accepted my team would have to miss acouple weeks of work and with that is a loss of $$$$$$.so i say to you , take a chance ! see ya later , hopefully as my opponent.

-- todd alan cole (, August 30, 2000.

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