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Why don't you choose the question? Answer whatever you feel is asked. Whatever you think needs answering. Is there an unspoken question that lingers in your mind? Answer that. Say anything.

-- Jenna (, July 21, 2000



Self-doubt, in my experience, comes from low self-esteem learned as a child. I am 51 and have struggled with the same kind of problem most of my life. Age does have this benefit: experience. Experience, if you learn from it, is the greatest teacher. I have learned, especially in the last decade, to cast aside my self-doubt most of the time. Yes, it is always lurking there trying to fuck me up, but somehow being a more mature person helps me keep it all in perspective and not really pay much attention to that voice that wants to bring me down. Self-esteem is so important. Self- confidence perhaps even more important. Self-confidence (not arrogance) has served me well in removing doubt and low self-esteem. I could go on, but then I'd become redundant.

About money and how it plays in one's life: the best thing money can buy is time. I think that's only true if you have enough so that you can do what you want when you want. Or, you make a living doing exactly what you want to do, but how many people in our wide world do that? So I hope I win the lottery. :)

-- Frank Bales (, August 03, 2000.


Me again, but I forgot to say that I enjoyed your site. And, in my humble opinion, there should not be a day when you are reading "nothing." :)

-- (, August 03, 2000.

Well, I'm not really reading "nothing." It's more that I'm reading stuff that is hard to list there - like websites. I don't like the idea of listing the websites I'm reading, because that's eerily like a weblog.:) I need to get to the library, man. I'm running out of material fast.

-- Jenna (, August 03, 2000.

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