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Now that the General Conference is over and we have been spoiled by the exceptional coverage of the Rev. Fisher and this Web Site, would it be possibile to do some features on the various pieces of legislation that were adopted? Thanks and please keep up the good work!

Rev. Michael L. Barta Quinn AMEC, Moreno Valley, CA

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2000


Please note the correction in my E-Mail address as it is listed in the original question. It should be

Thanks, Mike Barta

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2000

I agree - Pastor John is "spoiling" us.

Now let's see how long (or how quickly) it will take for the news of GenCon to get into our OWN publication - "The Recorder" - not known for its currency [we're talking about TIME here - not dollars- ;-) ] I would sometime around Labor day...and I'm counting on Pastor John for a better and more thorough summary of the legislation. I haven't even heard anything yet from our own delegates and onlookers/observers - all the news is focused on Bishop McKenzie (btw, she will speak at a 3rd Dist. Christian Ed congress Tuesday, July 25, along with our newly assigned Bishop Webster).

One nice thing about the computer - it can be VERY current.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2000

I couldn't agree more about the need for a summary of passed legislation. The hoopla and fanfare about Bishop elections has already started to atrophy in my view. Ultimately the future direction of our Zion will depend more on issues and less on individuals.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2000

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