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It all looks fun, I am trying to figure how to get a team together or join one. Great to see open entry to US teams. When are the shows going to start a series in US for a final show of US vs Brits. And how bout those from Canadians. World Scrap Cup!!! Also in watching the show (for instance the finals) with the motor problems on the hydraulic waker or the bouyed lift on the underwater car when the safety line was left tied the need to have a best of three runs or goto a double elimination seems obivous. After all who stole those barrels. In closing all teams were really great and at least half should have or could have won with a pinch of luck.

-- Ron Spicer (, July 20, 2000


Response to Scrapheap/Junyard Cup

We're coming to "Junkyard Wars". we made it! Ken Beidleman, June Moxon, and Duane Flatmo. We're heading to London in the next week from Eureka California ( The home of Kinetic Sculpture racing ) We home to bring some California style Scrap heap rummaging to the mix. We spend alot of time in junkyards and think yours is just fine!!! Team "Art Attack" from Humboldt County say's...."Let's get Dirty"

-- Duane Flatmo (, August 12, 2000.

brits vs yanks comming soon !!glad you all like the show it was hard work but lots of fun too all the best NOSHER

-- NOSHER (, September 29, 2000.

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