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Can anyone please suggest a good quality capture card and MPEG 1 software for under #200 english pounds each. I am looking for result close to VHS. This is for a staff training Video CD so broadcast quality is not necessary.

Your suggestions and reasons will be most appreciated.


Leon Hart.

ps. miss spelled email address on last entry. Sorry.............!

-- Leon Hart (, July 20, 2000


You should mention your source: VHS VCR, Hi8, S-Video, DV etc. as that can affect suggestions. Recommendations are difficult to make but the best I can do is advise you check out this site:

You'll find some interesting comparisons though the English is a bit dodgy times. As for software, check out:

I use a Matrox G200 combination graphics and M-JPEG video card and I'm very happy with it.

Good luck!

-- Frank Marshall (, July 24, 2000.

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