Old competitiveness

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Heh. Hard to believe I wasted my time doing this, but being reminded of that era prompted a certain urge to count hits and links and all that.

If you don't recognize these people by their first name, you weren't around back then.

Number of times a diarist was cited as an influence or mentioned as a peer:

Willa 10 Sage 7 Tracy Lee 5 Nigel 5 Ophelia 4 Bryan 4 Jessa 3 Tracing 3 Justin 3 Diane 3 heinovision 3 Mary Ann 2 Carolyn 2 Lucy 2 Gabby 2 Bill 2 Gus 2

And clocking in at one reference each: Elly, Andrew P, Andrew D, Bryon, Jackie, Jay, Cara, Eddie, Kymm, Steve, Whiting, Lauren, Gage Steele, MP, Meghan, blind, SassyFemme, Cary, and (sniffle) Javina.

Anybody want to count awards?

-- Javina (javina@javina.com), July 20, 2000


Hah. I just found this, a year and a half later. Don't use the forum much, guys?

I didn't get a mention at all, Javina, so I don't want to count awards with you. Alas...

-- Emily (greenspam@emilyweise.com), November 12, 2001.

And six months after Em wrote... I didn't get any mentions either, nor have I won any awards. I'm just constantly, boringly here.

-- Doug Franklin (nilknarf@nilknarf.net), May 09, 2002.

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