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Can anyone please suggest a good quality capture card and MPEG 1 software for under #200 english pounds each. I am looking for result close to VHS. This is for a staff training Video CD so broadcast quality is not necessary.

Your suggestions and reasons will be most appreciated.


Leon Hart.

-- Leon Hart (, July 20, 2000


For a conservative amount, try Dazzle (usb or pci. If time is not an issue, capture at hi rates, 2500, & use a software Panasonic & encode( takes about 5 hours for a 1 hr movie on Pentium 333, with 128 mbyte ram). You'll get good or very satisfactory movie.


-- danny (, September 14, 2000.

Can Dazzle capture at hi rate, hi res AVI? I have a Snazzi that cannot capture in AVI without dropping most of the frames.

-- Rusman E. Priyana (, September 14, 2000.

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