LP Death Penalty BS

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LP claims something like .gov should not rule by coericsion and or force. It is my view the death penalty is the ultimate force and coericsion against not only those murdered by us the members collective and regime, but it is the bad parent, .gov holding a threat against all of us.

So would argue this person or that person needs to be executed for this or that reason. Some or possibly most of you would like to have me executed by .gov because of x, y or z. Some peopel believe all the Queers should be executed. Others believe that all the ...

Where does LP draw the line on who gets the ax and who does not???

I don't think liberty can exist when some are killed for this or that. Let me see. The Clinton administration at one time added something like 60 more crimes to the to die for list. How many would you add to the list? Would you buy a ticket to watch???


-- Bozo T Clown (666@idowebs.com), July 19, 2000


Pragmatically, I agree. I propose that instead of a death penalty that such people be banished to a Devil's Island situation.

-- billwald (billwald@juno.com), July 19, 2000.

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