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It is my view that people will NEVER be interested in supporting Libertarian principles until all slaves pay their own way.

In short as a self employed individual and supporter of Libertarian Principles I can NOT sell any LP ideas to anyone I have ever met because the other slaves are bought off by .gov. As a self employeed person I see my taxes come and go out the door to .gov. The other slaves don't see this crap they don't have to look in the toilet like me when they flush. It is all sanitized by .gov and their employers.

When I am elected dictator people would all be self employed. Everyone would play and pay on the same level playing field. Currently if you are someones slave they deduct money and send it to the hostage keeper .gov. Under my plan if any money was sent to .gov the slave would be responsible for sending it in. This way all slaves would then wake up and hopefully see the rest of the light on Libertarian Principles. Otherwise there is NO way into a dead brain slaves head.

I have people in my life and have spent years over and over and over and over attempting to teach them about LP values etc. It is a NO go. They live in another world from me as a self employed person. I asked one slave friend of mine how he keeps going to the dungeon and doing the work everyday for his master and mistress. His response was, "if they tell you to kill and eat dead babies that is what you do." It reminds of the Viet Nam war and those that supported it because they had a home, family etc. that demanded they work and keep their mouths shut. It reminds of AIDS and Cancer Inc. and the fact no cure will occur because the slaves need to pay for the cars, homes and whores.

Change is slow and is slower, actually hopeless, the more .gov buys and pretties up the look of the slave cells. All us Slaves can NOT be liberated until we see the all the crap and pay for it ourselves.

Flush :)))

-- Tom Hicks (, July 19, 2000


Dear Tom

>It is my view that people will NEVER be interested in supporting >Libertarian principles until all slaves pay their own way.

Basically I agree with you but you might phrase it diplomatically. The average joe slob is more interested in job security with an acceptable standared of living than he is in freedom and potential riches. What is an acceptable standared of living? Chow, beer, sports channel, dry roof, car and truck, 2 weeks vacation, and the hope that his kids will do a little better than he did.

Personally, I am NOT a self-starting type A personality. I preferred security over potential. I made a deal with the City of Seattle, slopped out of the public trough for 30 years, and I thank you for my pension. Liberty is (also) the freedom to trade potential riches for economic stability.

-- billwald (, July 20, 2000.

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