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I do most of my printing on Azo with Amidol, and in general love the look, but I do find Azo has a bit of a green cast, which is not always great for portraits. I find I can neutralize this with a bit of selenium toning, and this is really all I have done with toning this paper in the past.

Nowadays, I am playing Dad the photographer to four-month-old Amelia, who looks great in an 8 X 10 contact print, but prefers to avoid looking greenish. I'd like to try some more creative toning with Azo. What might I use to get a delicate rose hue or other slightly warmer, noticeable but not overwhelming, tone on Azo? I'd be very curious to hear anybody's experiences toning Azo, particularly in a way that might give a very delicate pink hue to the paper.

Thanks in advance,


-- Nathan Congdon (, July 19, 2000


Here is a warm-tone paper developer.

Gevaert G.262: Water 750ml, Sodium sulfite 7g Hydroquinone 25g, Sodium carbonate, mono 90g Potassium bromide 2g Water to make 1 liter

Can be used straight or diluted up to 1:6. Straight gives a brown tone; dilution gives a red tone.

You could also try POP paper toned in an alkaline gold toner. This gives a purplish rose tone.

-- William Marderness (, July 20, 2000.

You might want to try Kodak's poly toner. Its a potassium sulfate toner. It gives a reddish brown cast. The down side is that it can make the house smell like rotten eggs.

-- Ron McElroy (, July 20, 2000.

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