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Will somone please clarify, and I will try to locate in the discipline, what offices are automatic delegates to the general conference?

If someone is on the General Board or holds a connectional office can they be elected a delegate to the electoral college of their conference?

I was in a discussion with several people who attended the 2000 general conference and they asked me because I was the youth delegate the the 1996 general conference.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2000


To clarify your question, all Bishops, General Officers (present and retired), the General Secretary, Presidents of Universities and Colleges, deans of seminaries operational for one or more years, the Connectional President and Treasurer of the WMS, the Editor of the WMS Magazine, the Connectional Director and President of the YPD, the Connectional President of the RAYAC, the Connectional President of the Lay Organization, each Episcopal District Lay Organization President, the President of the Connectional Council of Presiding Elders, all active duty and Veteran's Administration Chaplains who have been active for at least four years and those who have retired with twenty years of service as well as former WWII chaplains in good and regular standing with their conference, Administrators of all Connectional Institutions (i.e. Douglass Hospital), and the President of the Connectional Council (?). (See 1996 Discipline, Part VIII, Section IA, ppg. 233-4).

As far as the General Board, being a member of the Board does not automatically guarantee a berth as a delegate to the General Conference. It certainly helps, though. One of my friends is on the General Board and he had to be elected through the normal process.

Also, most non-President Connectional Offices (except those defined in the Discipline) must go through election by normal channels.

The Connectional Women in Ministry (WIM) tried to pass a bill to allow its Connectional President to be a member of the General Conference. I don't know if it passed, however.

I hope this helps.

Peace in Christ,

John Thomas, III

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2000

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