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All right, so I've converted my AVI to mpg (AVI2VCD.EXE freeware works great)and it's ready to burn. Can I just burn it to cd as is and will my DVD (VCD compatible) then play it, or do I need an authoring program as well? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. R Eastman

-- REastman (, July 19, 2000


You need an authoring program, that will create the correct structure of VCD on the CD. Burning the MPEG file as is, will not produce a VDC compliant CD, and you will only be able to see the movie by opening it from within Windows.

Authoring programs that I know are: EZCD Creator, Nero, VideoPack, WinOnCD. Personally, I prefer Nero burning ROM.

-- Jerry (, July 19, 2000.

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