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Hey guys, I was just checking to see if anyone had written anything in the past couple of days, but seeing that no one has, I decided to take it upon myself to say hello. I hope everyone is having a pretty good summer so far...I suppose I have. I've been pretty busy just hanging out and doing all the vacationing things I can before I have to leave in August. And yes, I have seen The Patriot, and Mel is a hottie :) Also, I went to the airshow up in Arlington this last week or so ago. My college was having a sort of picnic/fly-in up there so it was free and we got way better seats than everyone who had to pay. Right now, I'm just trying to work out details on how I'm going to get to Florida with all my stuff. If anyone has any ideas on what would be the cheapest and allow me to take everything with me, I'm open for suggestions. So far, the train is sounding pretty reasonable. It'll give me a chance to see Chicago and DC, and also I can bring a lot of baggage with me on the train. But even that would be in the $350 range. And I am the queen of cheap so yeah.. Anyway, thanks for listening to my random babble. I hope you all are having tons of fun and enjoying your last couple months before college. Lots of luck, Amanda

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2000


Amanda! You exist!

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that for that long distance traveling with tons o' stuff, the train does make the most sense. My boyfriend has determined that if he ends up moving here from Michigan, he'd get a sleeper car on a train from Chicago to Seattle in order to haul clothes, computer, and other misc. stuff. The cost of airfare and shipping alone make it a way better deal. Plus, trains are just damn cool. $350 for a long trip without paying for that much shipping/extra for hauling stuff isn't bad at all when you consider it would probably cost you about that much to fly just you and a couple small pieces of luggage to your destination.

Hm. The light in my bedroom just died, but at least it made something stop emitting a headache-causing high pitch. Erf.

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2000

Hi Amanda!

Here's a good solution for you. If you will buy me a nice, beach- side house in Daytona Beach, I'll drive across the United States in a golf cart packed with all your belongings. ;-)

But seriously, the $350 you'd pay for the train is quite a bit cheaper than you'd pay for a plane ticket alone, not to mention the extra cost of shipping packages you might have been able to take on the train.

My sister is making her big move to graduate school in New York in about a week. She's payed the rent on an apartment she hasn't seen yet. Since she doesn't know what furniture will fit in the place, she's come up with a unique solution. She's selling most of what she has in Olympia and showing up at her apartment with a sleeping bag, a big kettle, a spoon, and lots of macaroni and cheese. Then she'll buy cheap furniture and other thing she needs in New York and find some attractive guy to help her move her furniture around.

Doesn't that make the train sound easy? :-)


-- Anonymous, August 09, 2000

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